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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why are we so scared of having fat?

Something which i thought about was... Why are people so scared of having fat? 
 Having fat on your body is normal. And its actually essential.... Your body is trying to protect you. The fat on your body is protection... its trying to keep your bones, muscles and organs safe. Its not healthy to have barely any fat on your body... And of course its not healthy to have excessive amounts of fat on your body.

But you know what? Normal, healthy people have fat. They also have stretch marks and cellulite. And that is nothing to be ashamed about. Its nothing to get anxiety about. Its just how the body is.
   We need to stop comparing ourselves to these photoshopped pictures of girls, who dont even look like the girl in the picture.
We need to start seeing ourselves the way we actually are, and instead of hating our bodys and just seeing flaws. Cant we just accept these things like cellulite, marks, fat?

Having fat is not the same as being fat... but you know what, What is so wrong with being fat anyway?

^^I love this quote so much.
Fat is just an adjective... it is a describing word.Just like saying You are tall. or You are short. Or you have blonde hair....
  Is fat really that offensive? Why do people like being called skinny (some people anyway... though there is skinny-shaming which is just as bad as fat-shaming), but people get offended when you call them fat? Why is being fat something to be ashamed of?
  There are many people who are happy with their weight and their body and they arent societies ideal body image. Infact its only like 1% (this is just a guess!) of people in the world who have the body of societies 'goal body'.
  SO stop comparing yourself to others and what society has as the perfect body. Because there is no such thing as a perfect body. You are you. You have YOUR body. And instead of hating yourself and constantly trying to change how you look, why dont you start loving yourself.
  Instead of fighting a war with yourself... embrace yourself.

You are so much more than your body anyway!

So what i was going to say with this post is.... stop being so scared of having fat on your body. It is normal and healthy, and it is your bodies way of protecting you .So stop fighting your own body!!!


  1. Why doesn´t theese feelings, habits, rituals, rules, exercise addiction and counting calories just go away. Couldn´t someone just make it better. Feelings of fear anxiety and rituals that just have to be done … They fill my day, my thoughts and my whole life, every day has to be preplanned.
    I have tried to recover for several years now and start to get tired of everything. Rational thinking and knowing that all of this is my own fault and inside my head, just apparently isin´t enough to make me recover and letting go of the illness.
    I have recently realised that one of my fears of gaining weight is that I will start to look healthy but inside nothing would have changed.

    Did you ever feel this way?

    How did you find enough strength to cope with the anxiety?

    What kept you going through the hardest moments?
    I have managed at times to gain some kilos, but always freaked out and gone back down again. And everytime I manage to change some ritual, it only lasts a few days, then I take it back or start a new one.
    I don´t know really who to talk to. My parents, siblings and friends all think I´m doing better than I really am. I have been lying about how everything is going. I have also been as an inpatient twice and as a day patient once in a hospital. And always gone back down with my weight and back to my exercise addiction.

    I have found a lot of hope in your blog, thank you for that.
    I suppose that you too felt that there is nothing in the future, that this won´t get better? How to go on?
    Where to find strength?

  2. I am so sorry if this comment was inappropriate. It wasn´t the meaning.