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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weight distrbution and how to gain weight

Hi izzy! I love your page, I check it every day and it's really helping me recover. I was wondering if you had any advice on weight gain areas, my arms and shoulders are horrible and I'm ashamed to have them out, but my legs are the opposite, it's like the fat automatically goes there! Are there any foods the distribute themselves around the body better than others? Also, I'm not gaining weight as fast as I would like so if you have any tips / ideas to increase that it would be great

First off, thank you so much!! :) And second... there are no foods that will 'distribute themselves to certain areas'. Your body takes care of all of that. You just need to eat enough food.
  Everybody is different some people gain weight at their hips, thighs, stomach, legs etc first. You cant really decide that. At the start of recovery, most weight goes to your stomach as it is trying to protect your inner organs and also alot of bloating is involved. But over time - whether its weeks or months, i cant tell you. Your body begins to distribute the weight.

I naturally have very skinny arms and upper body, and my weight goes to my lower part i.e legs, thighs and hips & stomach. So when i was recovering i looked a bit disproportionate, or so i thought anyway. While i was sick i had gotten the so called 'thigh gap' but as my body structure is not made for that, the gap quickly disappeared and most of the weight went to my hips and legs and i still had sticks for arms. But over time the weight begin to distribute and i looked more 'balanced'!! haha

  Give it time and you will see that your body will begin to balance and even itsself out. However there isnt so much you can do as to where the weight will go. However if you feel that your arms are really skinny compared to the rest of your body, dont be scared to strength train.
    One thing which i love about strength training is how i now have stronger arms!! Because all my life my arms and even legs have been like sticks... ive been so weak, but now i feel more proportionate in my body... :)
You just need to eat more to gain weight and let your body take care of the rest!!!

And for gaining weight... well its all about eating more!! Try to cut out as much activity and exercise as possible, and eat MORE. Think about eating BIGGER portions. Drinking juice/milk/smoothies/milkshakes to meals. Prioritizing carbohydrates and protein before vegetables. Eating small desserts, like bars, home made small nut/dried fruit balls, chocolate, fruit, yoghurt etc
Eating 5-7 meals a day. Eating more calorie dense food.
   Dont choose low fat or low calorie foods because that is not helping you. If you arent gaining weight, its because you arent eating enough. I know it can feel like you are eating ENOUGH, but clearly you arent because you arent gaining weight. While i was at Mando i was eating around 3000+ calories with NO exercise. Of course that was just for me, but it shows you how much you actually do need to gain weight. Some need less, and soem need more.
  So keep increasing your meals until you start gaining weight. Dont be scared to switch your oatmeal to granola with full fat yoghurt or your fruit salad to chocolate or veggies to root vegetables etc etc
Make choices like go for full fat products.
Granola/muslie instead of cornflakes etc
Bread instead of crisp bread
Butter instead of low fat spread
The WHOLE egg instead of just egg whites 

etc etc

^^ Now dont get me wrong, those types of foods you can STILL eat even if you dont want to gain weight :) I eat all of those types of food and i dont gain weight... to gain weight its about eating MORE. And with maintaining its about finding the balance :)

Hopefully this helps, otherwise its just to ask me :)


  1. Thank you so much for your regular posts. I had a slight relapse of Ana this week and reading your blog really kept me motivated in my recovery. Knowing that there is a life after the fear gives me a reason to come out of my comfort zone and I really appreciate how open you are with a life after Ana and giving me something to strive towards.

  2. Im so glad to hear that!!! Fight the voice in your head, fight the fear because it does get better. And it does get easier as well. You just have to fight for it!! Step out of your comfort zone and fight your fears :)
    Stay strong.

  3. This helped make things a lot clearer. I'm weight restored now but my arms, shoulders and back are a lot skinnier than my pop stomach and thighs. If you don't increase your food and gain more weight will the water rentetion and unbalanced weight stay like that until you do?