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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The healthy version of intuitive eating

Found this article HERE and just had to share it! I found this blog and loved it, some great small posts :)


There is none.
Wanna know why? Because what you are really saying is: I am going to try and, like, trust my body. But I, like, can’t ever really trust my body. Obviously, so I’m gonna like fake trust it and, like, listen to it but only let it eat, like…. healthy foods.
Your body will know what you are doing. And the part of your mind that you think you are tricking will know what you are doing too!
You cannot do the healthy version of intuitive eating, because intuitive eating is the healthy version of eating.
And it is healthy, even if you are eating lots of brownies.
It is healthy because it is free and curious and pleasure based.
It is healthy because it takes your eating controls away from your mind, and gives them to your body.
It is healthy because even if you are craving foods that you decided before were “not healthy” (or that anyone would tell you are “not healthy”), letting go of fear of food is immensely important for mental health.
Mental health is immensely important for physical health.
Learning to trust your body is the healthiest thing you could do.
But not even that, the idea is to neutralize all foods. Cravings have less power when they are allowed. Irrational cravings do not exist when they are allowed. They become neutral.
Your body knows what it needs. Your body needs calories. And your body needs to know it can eat.
Intuitive Eating is not about eating the smallest amount possible. Or being “so in tune with your body” that you only need to eat celery and goat keifer and sunlight.
No, intuitive eating allows you to EAT. For God’s sake EATEat the things that nourish you and please you. The things that make your mouth water and that you only let yourself eat in your dreams.
That is the food your body is asking for.
And anyway, you’re never gonna really crave Kale til your body and mind both believe that it can also eat cake for dinner whenever it wants.
Fuck. IT.


  1. This article is amazing! It make me think about my behavious around foods that i like to eat and that my eating disorder make me ignore and Hate them. Thanks for that!!