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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Morning run!

In all honesty, i cant even remember the last time i went for a morning run!! Morning walks i love, but running hasnt really been my no. 1 priority for the past while. It hasnt been my focus, but now its time to start running again. And the best way to actaully start is to just do it!! Usually i go to the gym Tuesday mornings, so it felt weird to change my routines, but i know its good and also changing how i workout, what i do etc will only be good for me!!
Though ive started reacting to the pollen in the air recently so maybe it wasnt the best idea to run early in the morning and outside... i could barely see or breathe for half of the run, and my legs wanted to give up after every 20 seconds!! (I can tell that ive only been doing intervals, so even if my pace is definitely better than last summer, my endurance is at 0!)
^^ The gps didnt work the first 1km - so i ran 9.2km ;)

^^When i got home Daisy was still sleeping ;)
I take her when i go for shorter runs, but today i wanted to run further and also try to work on my endurance, not have to stop all the time (even though i did!! hahah) because Daisy needs to pee!

^^And then my breakfast afterwards :) (You can never have too many peanuts!!)
There will most probably be 1 or 2 eggs eaten afterwards aswell :) 

Now its time to eat my breakfast and get ready for school :)

1 comment:

  1. Awwww, Daisy is adorable! ^_^
    The pollen is pretty bad over here in the States, too. It must be spring I guess! ;D
    And no, you can never EVER have too many peanuts!! They are soooo addicting (although I do prefer almonds over peanuts, but all the same... yummmmm!)