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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to cope with Easter (anorexia)

I thought i would write two posts about how to cope with Easter, one for people who are struggling with anorexia, and others who are struggling with binging/over eating, as i know there are quite alot of people who read my blog who struggle with that.
  Some might think its strange that i do two posts but the fact is, anorexia and BED/bulimia are both eating disorders, but need different kinds of treatment/different solutions to their problems. People suffering with anorexia need to think more about eating MORE and facing their fear foods, whilst people who suffer with BED need to think more restrictive, that maybe they shouldnt eat certain foods because that could trigger them to binge... Or they cant control how much they eat, so they dont necessarily need to think in terms of MORE and facing fear foods. But in eating normal portions, and not eating more.

So, as you know Easter is coming up in a few days. While i was sick this was one of the most awful times of the year. For me, Easter in Ireland was always about food and family. 2 things i hated while i was sick. There would be lots of chocolate, a huge Easter lunch and just food all day.... this lead to loads and loads of anxiety. And the last Easter i spent in Ireland (2009) was mainly spent in the bathroom purging.
   The next 2 years i spent Easter here in Sweden, and Easter isnt such a big deal here, however we did have the Easter lunch, but i was so sick that i didnt participate in the lunch.

Here are my tips for how to cope on Easter and what to think about.

Just like with my tips on how to cope on Christmas - You know how your Easter traditions look/are. Whether you eat a late big lunch with family... when you easter eggs, if you do etc So be prepared for the day. Know how it will be. It can even help to ask your family/parents what will be served for lunch.
    I wouldnt reccommend being in the kitchen or helping with the food, because it can give you anxiety if you see that foods such as oils/butters etc are used.. But know that those are just normal foods, and its ok to eat.
 But if you know what is being served, then you can prepare yourself. But CHALLENGE yourself. Now is the perfect time. Eat your fear foods....
  AFTER you have eaten, spend time with family/friends, or whoever you are with. You dont want ot be alone. DONT compensate. You DONT need to purge/exercise. And you DONT need to eat less.
Follow your meal plan. Eat your meals, and dont be scared to eat extra, because that wont harm you.

And when it comes to chocolate.... some might be ready to eat an easter egg, others arent quite ready. But whatever stage you are at i think you should atleast try some of the chocolate or dessert or whatever is offered. You have to FACE YOUR FEAR FOODS. Challenge yourself.
   And dont feel guilty for eating more. Its ok, you shouldnt feel guilty for it. And you DONT and SHOULDNT compensate the next day. Food is fuel and your body needs it. Its important to understand that.

The day should be enjoyed, whether you are with family or friends. Also, listen to your body... are you tempted to eat something - a fear food. But the voice in your head is saying No? Then EAT that food!!! Face that fear food. The anxiety wont kill you. It will just make you stronger!!!
Life is about living, and social gatherings and events such as birthdays/chirstmas/easter do revolve around food - most times. And thats ok. Just keep calm.
   If you feel you are getting too much anxiety/panic then go to another room. Sit down, take deep breaths and think rationally. You WONT gain weight by eating some potatoes. You WONT gain weight by eating chocolate. You WONT gain weight by eating more than usual. You WONT gain wieght by not exercising.
  You need to face all those fears, step outside of your comfort zone to recover.

I believe in all of you!!! Fight the voice in your head. And i hope to hear about your Easter, what you did/how you spent your day. Whether you face a fear food etc :)
   You can either comment or send me an email!! It would be great to hear :)


  1. Great post! Really great advice. :D
    I agree with facing fear foods and challenging oneself. My first Easter in recovery was so very stressful, but I made a point in trying some of my Easter egg chocolates, and a bit of cake. I felt anxious about what I had eaten a short while later, but being with my family who was so supportive of my efforts in getting better really calmed me down.
    I'm just glad I have some advice to pass along to my friend who has an ED, and is stressing out about the holiday.
    Thanks again, Izzy! You're wonderful! :D

  2. Thank you for this post :) I was reading it as I challenged myself by eating a hot cross bun and Easter eggs! with my usual fruit and yoghurt.Of course the Anorexia was telling me I had immediately gained weight but I fought through those thoughts and told myself of all the good it was doing for my sick body. I want to have a life.