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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Food shaming

One of my readers emailed me this article they had found about Food Shaming, and i felt i definitely needed to share it.

Click here to read it:

Food shaming is so common now a days it is almost sad. People always seem to look at what others are eating, judge them... judge themselves.
  WHile i was sick i was constantly looking at what others ate... i counted the calories of what others around me ate. I would sit at the table at Mando and count the calories of the snacks which others ate... and i always ended up with the biggest snacks/food intake, as i have such a high calorie need.
   And even when i was out, i would watch as others ate ice cream or chocolate and ijudged them. Infact i would feel proud of myself that i was starving myself as i saw others as gross, as if they had no self control. This sort of thinking now actually makes me feel embarassed of those types of thoughts. That i could even think that scares me.
   Food is fuel, something which we all need. And NO, you ARENT being great or healthy or better than others because you abstain from eating ice cream. There is nothing wrong with having a treat now and again, and that is what people need to realise.

But back to the food shaming and judging. We seem to label food as good and bad, which i dont do. It may seem like it, as i say 'healthy and unhealthy' here on the blog. But i dont actually see it that way.
   When i eat chocolate i dont think, wow im being so unhealthy. Because it was a choice I MADE. Because i wanted chocolate. I know i should never feel guilty over the food choices i make. I choose things which i want to eat. Food which makes me feel good and which i enjoy eating. If i dont like eating something, i am not going to eat it. Of course there are times i eat things i dont like because there is no other option, or just to be nice :)
While i was sick i used to spend so much time looking at what others ate, but now i dont. I dont pay so much attention to how or what others eat... it doesnt matter to me. Its their body, they make choices of what they want to eat.
  Just like i dont judge people who eat red meat, even though i dont. I dont judge people who are vegan. I dont judge people if they say no to chocolate because people have their reasons why.
  And i DONT CARE if everyone around me gets an apple and i go for chocolate covered nuts. What does it matter to them, and what does it matter to me. Because like i said, its my food choices. Nobody should critisze me for what i choose to eat or put into my body.

One thing which i find quite funny though is how if you say no to chocolate, suddenly people jump on you and you have to explain why... Well, maybe i just didnt want chocolate. I dont have to be on a diet or trying to lose weigth for saying no to cake.... just like i dont have to be overeating because i take two portions of cake. People are so quick to judge.
  Just like people who eat lots of meat and think that meat is the only way to get protein start attacking someone once they know that they are vegan. I just laugh... Everyone has their reasons. And should be allowed to make their food choices.

I feel like this post has just become a blabber of words (like usual!!). But read the article as it gives tips on how to stop food shaming!

But i think we should all learn to stop judging others for how and what they eat. Just like we should stop judging ourselves for how and what we eat. We shouldnt feel bad or feel guilty because we eat some ice cream. We shouldnt have to say things like  'Oh my gosh, im so bad. Im going to have to go to the gym to burn this off' or 'Ohhh i am going on a diet tomorrow' or anything else like that.
  Instead make food choices which YOU want, and be happy with those choices!!! :)

Whats your opinion on this, and food shaming? :)

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