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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Exercise addiction - Answer

I will ask my question here in the comments so that anyone who has experience about this can answer.
So I´m stuck in a cycle of ED habits, regulations and obsessive exercise. I eat in a certain order and only certain times and only allowed foods. I exercise in the gym 3-4 times a week but in addition when I´m alone I do exercises about every 15 minutes. So I do crunches, push ups, jumps etc before I eat, during a meal and after then also in between. So Its basicly all the time. Even in school I exercise in the bathroom and while sitting I clench and relax my muscles all the time.
How to break free from all of this? I konw that there is no benefit in doing jumps etc all the time, but it´s so so hard to stop. Does anyone hhave experience in stopping whitout huge anxiety? Is it easier to stop every bad ED habit at once or one habit at a time?
At the moment I am have lost a couple of kilos after being able to gain some, so I am once again just going back and forth.
Thank you!

I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling. Having an exercise addiction is hard, just like with any mental illness, but you need to know that its in the head. Its the thoughts in your head making you compulsively and obsessively exercise. It IS also something you can break free from. But its YOU who needs to face your fears. Face your thoughts and anxiety.
At the moment you need lots and lots of support. Its hard to be your own guard, but that iswhat is needed aswell. But it can make it a little easier when you know you are forced to rest. That someone else is making you, for me, that was easier than myself choosing to rest.  But it eventually it became my choice instead of being forced.

What you need to do is really ask yourself WHY you are exercising? What are you trying to get out of it? You go to the gym 4-5 times a week so why do you need to do even more exercise? You are not helping your body, you are not getting ANY benefits from the constant exercise. All you are doing is breaking down your muscles, losing weight.  But is weightloss really your goal? Do you want to break down your muscles? Cause brittle bones which can lead to osteoperosis, or even really hurting yourself.
You need to rest, your body needs rest.
  Your body ALSO needs food. Energy. Fuel. You are not going to gain weight by eating....  and if you need to gain weight, then you are going to have to eat LOTS due to all the exercise you are doing. The unneccessary exercise.
You need to face your fears... Ask yourself, what is so wrong with resting? Relaxing? What will happen? Why are you so scared of it? You arent going to gain weight by lying in bed and watching a film or sitting and studying. Nothing bad will happen, and that is what you need to realise.
  Look around you, look at the people in your school and the people around you they dont constantly exercise, they eat, and they hold their weight. Some are big, some are small, some are tall, some are short different body sizes. Everyone looks a certain way, ad the body finds its healthy weight and thats where it wants to stay when you eat enough. Then when you exercise you need to eat more, to keep yourself at that weight.

I would suggest getting rid of the habits one by one.... like not exercising before/during/after you eat. Try to do that for 3 meals a day, then next week you stop with all the meals you eat. Then stop exercising IN school. I know you might feel nervous or guilty when you just sit in school - i used to have the same feelings. But there isnt anything wrong with that. You dont need to stand in the bathroom and exercise, you are just secluding yourself from everyone. That is what your ED is doing... locking you away from everyone, from the rest of the world just so that you can exercise and starve yourself. But where is that going to lead to?
   Eventually a hospital bed, or a grave. Because if you dont change your habits, your ED behaviours and begin fighting the voice in your head and coping with the anxiety, then things will just get worse.
  And like i say, if you arent recovering from your ED, you're dying from it.

Hopefully this helps, and if anyone else has any advice just comment!!!


  1. Izzy, do you have any info so that you could answer this following problem:

    If we exaggerated a little, we could claim that even one calorie eaten over your daily energy need every day leads to weight gain over the time - slowly, but it would happen. Like, of course 1 kilocalorie doesn't make any difference, but what if we talk about a hundred? It's frighteningly easy to get that small overly intake, and it would basically lead to weight gain in a few months... How to know? Does body cope with a little extra and speed up the metabolism for a while or something like that? Or does it automatically get stuck as a tiny amount of fat, every single day? And if it's not the days "off" what we're talking about in here (having like a big bag of candy and chips and a pizza on Saturday you know) but these tiny extras that you feel to be healthy.

    I want to thank you for answering already.

    1. Ive replied ina post coming up in a few hours :)

  2. Thank you for the answer. I have a lot to think about and a lot of anxiety to face.

    Have a graet weekend!


    1. Yes it is alot of anxiety involved. But what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, so if you can face the anxiety and really maket he choice to recover and get rid of your bad behaviours, ou will be so much stronger!!