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Friday, April 11, 2014

Creatine - supplements

I got asked about Creatine, and i thought i would answer in a post as others might be interested as well.
   Last year i decided to buy Creatine Monohydrate as i had done some research and found out that creatine can help enhance performance and increase energy. 
 However creatine doesnt actually make you stronger, but what it does is it gives you a bit more energy so that you can lift even heavier, and that leads to more muscle breakdown and your muscles grow even stronger.  What it also does is that it binds water to the muscles, making them looking bigger, and you can often go up a few kilo in water weight.

  Creatine is made out of 3 essential amino acids, and is infact produced by our body and can be found in some foods. But the amount produced in our body is so little, that it doesnt harm us to have more - though it is not by any means essential.
  Because of the energy from creatine, it can help with workout performance... i.e to be able to lift more. And it also makes your muscles retain water, so your muscles look bigger.
Creatine should be taken in cycles... i.e when you first begin you take 3 servings, for a few days, then you only take 1 serving for 2-3 weeks, and then you stop using it. And wait a few weeks until you use it again.
  I dont use creatine often.. or at all really. Mainly because i thought it tasted awful. And i kept forgetting to take it...  But i might begin with it again, and see if i give it the proper time that it might have good affects.
 However, Creatine can have some side affects like cramping, headache or diarrhea. It is not something which is needed... so do your research and see if it actually is worth it, or just a waste of money.


  1. Thank you for addressing my question so quickly :) I guess it's probably another marketing gimmick really!

    1. No problem :) When questions are easier to reply to, then i try to reply as quick as possible :) Yes i dont think its necessarily needed, because you need to use it in periods, and when you're not using creatine, then the water will go out from your muscles and they wont look 'as big' again...