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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Short day in school & lunch with my mum

Hello there :)

I can start off by saying that i am feeling extremely mentally tired at the moment. Tired of the snow, tired of waking up for school and tired of studying. But i know im not the only one feeling this way, so just have to fight through these feelings.
This morning started in a negative way, i only had one lesson today - 8.10am with maths, which isnt my idea of a good morning, and the thouht of skipping that lesson definitely creeped into my head.... But nope, i got myself ready and dragged myself to school anyway.
^^Breakfast this morning

Then at 12 my mum came to the school as i was going to have my parent teacher meeting. I could have gone alone, but decided my mum might as well be with, haha. I have good grades so there is nothing special to say during the meetings anyway. And in total the meeting was about 3-5 minutes..... There really wasnt much to be said ;)
After that my mum and I had decided to go out for lunch, and my mum suggested we go to this hotel near my school. I was craving something with chicken or fish, and when we looked at the menu there were  only 4 options for lunch - Which is really weird? There was basically nothing to choose from. But i decided on the Pad Thai....

  First off, when the food was served it did not look appetizing at all. It was basically just noodles in oil, thrown onto a plate - far from appealing. But i mean, looks can be decieving, i know that from my own baking. But first taste.... it tasted like nothing. It wasnt sweet, or spicy or salty... just nothing. And then after a few mouthfuls, my mouth started burning. 
  I had asked before i ordered if the dish was spicy and the waiter said no. However, my mouth was on fire. I sat there trying to eat the whole meal but my eyes ended up tearing, i had drank two big bottles of water and my heartburn was flaring. Hahahah, far from an appetizing meal. And could barely finish half of it:/
I felt so bad for my mum. She wanted to treat me to a meal out, and i end up sitting there with heartburn, a tongue on fire and having to wipe my eyes every 5 seconds because it was so spicy!! I love eating at restaurants, but this time it just wasnt good :/
  Next time i'll choose the restaurant ;)

But my mum decided to treat me to 'naturgodis/trailmix' as the meal was so unsatisfcatory!!! :)

^^350gram all sitting in my belly now :) Mmmm
Dessert is the best meal anyway ;)

And now i have to work my way through maths, history and swedish before i can call it a day for my studying and finally watch Pretty Little liars, wihch i have been longing to see since this morning. But that will be my reward for studying!!! :)

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  1. Hahaha 'looks can be decieving, i know that from my own baking' - great phrase (they rhyme)!