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Friday, March 14, 2014

School and stress

Something which i have noticed over the past while is the amount of stress that school puts on teenagers. I dont handle stress well at all. When i feel stressed i lose my appetite, i get moody, i get depressed and have even had times when i have begun self harming again due to the stress of school - this of course is not something i talk about as i tryt o keep this blog as positive as possible. However stress is one of the worst things for the body physically and mentally. And now a days, teenagers are faced with lots and lots of stress each day. The amount of work we are given and deadlines is crazy.
  The amount of times ive had panic, anxiety and cried over all the deadlines and work i have to do, is hard to count. I dont know how many times ive said that i will stop going to school because the stress is too much, and the mornings that i have had to drag myself out of bed and take myself to school even though i have just wanted to stay in bed forever.

Over the past while i have noticed that alot of people in my school have self harm scars... and there is already a person in my class who has had a break down and has stopped coming to school. As you all know, my school is a very good school. It has high standards, and i put even more pressure on myself to always do my best, but i am never really happy. I always feel i can do better... or i feel completely unmotivated and just want to get an E. But most of the time, my goal is always an A.
   So many teenagers now a days are becoming depressed due to the stress that they have to deal with. I mean now a days there is so much to deal with... school, work, social life, partner, extra activities etc ... trying to make time for everything is like a juggling game. It feels like you cant have it all.. you need to sacrifice something. But the fact is, to be happy and healthy it is important to spend tiem with friends and family, to have a lone time, to be able to rest and also have time to do things you enjoy.
  Now a days i barely manage school and working out. I have little time left over for friends or family.

Ive been talking to my sister about this, and the fact is... according to a study ive read. Teenagers now a days have more stress levels than mental patients back in the 40's/50's. The amount of teenagers with depression and ending up with problems like anxiety, panic, self harming and even suicide is increasing. And if this isnt a warning sign or a shock to people, then i dont know what it. I feel that something really does have to change.
   Of course, not all schools are like mine and im not just tlaking about mine... im talking about all schools, all over the world.
  There are enormous standards for teenagers now a days, but yet we are still told that we wont get a job because there are no jobs available.
  And many jobs now a days you need experience to do work experience there.... But yyou have no experience because you cant get a job anywhere. So it doesnt make sense.

I dont really know why i am writing this post, its just a bunch of thoughts i have at the moment and felt i needed to write them out and share them... which infact was the main reason i began blogging back in 2009.

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  1. I completely understand where you're coming from. I've had a lot of stress, but unlike you seem to do, I work in negative ways. If I get stressed, I stop responding as much. I make things worse because I'm avoiding it.
    I definitely think that now a days, people need to reevaluate their standards. Of how much stress to put on one individual. Xx