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Friday, March 14, 2014

Increasing my calories

Something which I've been asked alot about recently is how I increased my calories and metabolism.  While you are sick, you slow down and can ruin your metabolism. You eat soon little so the body adapts to that,  so eating any more than the little you do results in weight gain. That's why when you first begin eating again you can gain loads -though it's water weight as well. Over time your body adapts, and that's why at first you might gain eating only 80 kcal a day but in a few months time you don't gain any by eating 1500. It's about increasing your calories and letting your body adapt.  If you slowly increase your calories,  then your body should adapt instead of gaining weight.
    While I was at Mando i had to keep increasing my calories as my body adapted and by the end I was eating around 3000 if not more every day with no exercise.  But then came my period where I stopped following my meal plan, and began restricting and then binging. But I don't think I was eating more than 1500 a day.
   And now I'm guessing - i dont count t calories but around 2500 a day and dont gain weight.
   This has to do with both my metabolism, dna and exercise. Some people gain weight eating 1800 whilst others can eat 2800 a day and not gain weight.... yeah, it can be unfair. hahha! If you like eating anyway :)
   I can't really remember how I built up my calories I think it was mainly that first I had to increase my calories to gain weight and then my body adapted and then when I began exercising I felt more hungry so ate more, and i guess i burnt more as well.

I find it quite hard to answer this... because as soon as i stopped following my meal plan i pretty much stopped counting calories... which might seem weird, because you would think that once you arent following a meal plan you start counting calories. But i just didnt want to... i knew it wasnt healthy. I didnt want to be tormented by numbers. I wanted to be able to eat when i was hungry and eat what i wanted, instead of looking at calories.
   So i pretty mcuh stopped then, so its hard to know how much i actually was eating and it varied so much frmo day to day.

But the fact is... its pretty mcuh my body that took care of everything. I reached my target weight, and my body was happy there. I went up and down 2kg, whether i ate more some periods and less others... ´my body just took care of it all, and thats the important thing. To let your body adapt, to find its healthy wieght adn to eat enough for your body. Not count calories.
Infact counting every little calorie can make it harder to keep your weight/lose weigth/gain weight, because really... the only way to know how much you need from day to day is your hunger and fullness signals - but they might of course be off after years/or a longer period of messing up your metabolism.

To those of you who were wondering anyway, hopefully this has helped a little. Though i know it wasnt the best answer :) haha (infact i am really tired while writing this post, so i might have missed out some bits!)


  1. Do you have a higher calorie requirement because of your CF? I know that I need to eat a lot more than my friends, and I lose weight far faster than them.

    1. Yeah i think i do, as just breathing for me takes mor energy than normal people. Though i think its mainly when i am catching a cold that my body burns more.... and then when im sick it can last for a long period of time.

  2. hi Izzy,

    Thanks about your calories increase/metabolism /bodu adapt post.

    I have been re-eating since the beginning of the year as well as i stopped the binge/purging think.
    I thought that my weight would rocket at first but it seems that nothing happens....i gained weight but hardly 2 kilos ...
    Every 2 weeks i increase my calories, but it is still not enough...
    I do it every two weeks, in order to get used to eat a little but more without making me sick, so that my stomach can handle the extra food and that my head also agrees with those extra colories ...not beeing afraid.

    But my body adapts to the extra calories...seems that i jsut burn those extra calories by producing heat !
    The more i eat the more i am hot and have night sweats...sometime i wake up in the night soaked..i have to change my bedding and pyjamas....sometimes it can happend twice in the might and it is exausting...Wake up, change bedding, take a shower, go back to bed...
    It is just as if i came out of the washing machine without spin drying !!! (LOL)

    No weight gain, just heat...heat...i am so hot ....sweaty....

    Have you had this problem also ....?

    I do not know what to is discouraging ......

    I like the breakfast pictures you past as it gives me breakfast ideas !! and also what a "normal" breakfast looks like !
    do you think you could post more lunch/diner pictures ? think it would be also helpfull to have a an idea of what a normal lunch diner looks like ?

    Yesterday for the first time for years, years...centuries i has a burger (home made)...and i loved it !!!

    this morning i has a hot pita drizzled with olive oïl and a pinch of salt, jam and a apple

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Not to jump in on Izzy's response but I used to get night sweats just like yours when i took increasing my calories seriously. It was unpleasant (and a faff!) but I took it as positive that my body was making big changes!
    It did ease off after I had maintained a healthy weight too.