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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Okey, so random question but is your period regular? I have recovered for anorexia, but my period is messed up. I got it back in may 2013 after my eating disorder and then I didn't get it until february this year. And now it's late again. What's wrong with me?? I work out (mostly strenght), I eat a lot (according to myself and everyone I know), I look healthy and am mostly happy with my apparence (looove the bump I've gotten on my arms!).

That sounds great ;) For me it took almost a year for my period to become regular... at first i would just get it for like a day, and then i wouldnt get it again until 2 months, and then i would get it and it wouldnt come back until like 3 months etc etc and this of course made me nervous as i was exercising and quite often at the time. But it takes a while for it to become regular, especially if it was gone for a long time. 

You get your period back whe´n your body knows its healthy, and if you exercise alot it can stress your body and if you have a low body fat percent, it can also make your period late. It could be due to amenorrhea. The best thing is to talk to your doctor, but i think it could just be your body making sure its healthy.
  It takes a while for it to become regular, so wait and see :)

If anyone has any advice on this topic, just leave a comment :)


  1. Hi,
    thank you for this topic! I would be happy to read some comments and experiences from others..
    I had anorexia for 8 years (ok, it was like half year at BMI 15, then 5 years healthy BMI, then relaps : BMI 16 for another half year, now Im recovered but still have bad thoughts)... so my period is a little bit messed up, my doctor told me I may have difficulties to get pregnant... (having a baby is very important for me, we are planning som children with my fiance , Im 23 y.o.)
    I was told, if I have enough body fat, my body is producing enough hormones to make the hormonal system work.. My experience is:
    If I do not restrict, if I eat enogh until Im full, my weight is stable.. my period comes every 30 days... if I restrect or am hungry - no period...
    so if you want your period back:
    1. you should eat everything - including fats! FULLFAT dairy produts for example, without restricting
    2. enough sleep
    3. moderate exercising ( min. 1-2 days full rest /week)
    4. be proud of your feminity, love yourself, your ability to bear a child
    5. vitamins! + you can take some Calcium supplements, it is very good for your possible osteophorosis which you may have developed during your ED

    If you dont get your period back even if you are healthy, please see your gynecologist.
    Good luck :)

  2. Hi just reading your blog, finding it really helpful and encouraging! I am currently in recovery for anorexia after being diagnosed around a year ago (habbits started around two years ago). I am started to get really worried about the fact that I havent had my period in over a year, how long was yours gone for and do you have any tips to get it back?:)