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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You cant love yourself until you accept yourself

I love my body, the way i look, the way i feel. Its something which i have worked on over time. Learning to love myself and accpet my body. Saying positive things about myself.
  I dont have a thigh gap and amnt skinny does that matter - No. That is not what i want anyway. Does that make me any less pretty? Of course not. It doesnt affect me.... it doesnt make me a bad person, and it sure as hell doesnt mean im not pretty.

Its stupid, to let those thoughts rule you... to let ED's voice contrl you, and fool you. Thinking that you're not pretty, not worth life, not worth food... if you're nto skinny... if your hip bones dont show, or your collar bones etc etc...

You should be in control of yourself, in control of your thoughts... to look in the mirror, and see that you're beautiful. To not wake up each morning and hate yourself, hate your body.. i  know those feelings, i've had them. And its hard to overcomet he thoughts, to actually think positive.. its something you have to teach yourself... like maths... but once you know it... then its there forever. Even if you dont think about  it, and it maybe gets pushed to the back of your mind, its still in there.

Try to get into a routine of thinking positive!! To tell yourself that your beautiful, remind yourself that your worth life, and worth good thigns. you dont need to punish yourself.
   Dont look at others and compare yourself.. just love your self. Accept yourself.

You cant love yourself, think you look good, unless you accept yourself. you have to see your flaws and be like, yeah.. ok, maybe my nose is too big, or that is too small or im too short...(but thats not a flaw??!) or you know... and then dont get hooked up on it.. dont let yourself be bothered by these flaws. Because you're not unperfect or wrong, you're you and everyone is different.

Learn to love yourself and see the good things about yourself.

At the moment, i like the way i look... :) Im happy. Im not the skinniest person alive, im jsut normal... i like how i look though. I like going to the gym... its like i can see my body changing, in a good way!! I feel more toned, and more muscular!! I love it!!! :)
   And its like i have so much more energy... and i love how i feel good about myself!! when you dont feel all slow, and you just sit there hating yourself, hate looking in hte mirror..
   No... i like the way i look. i feel good in my body!!
Maye not all the time... Deifnitely not all the time. But now.... now ifeel good!!! :)

And you should too!!

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