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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meal plan

I often get asked if i could write or share a meal plan with people who want to gain weight, but dont know what or when to eat.
  I wish i could write you all a meal plan, as i know that not everyone is able to get a nutrionist/dietician to help you. However, i am not qualified to do that and meal plans are very individual. There is nothing that suits everyone. But maybe in the future, i will be able to help you... or those that need it then. As you know i want to study to become a health coach and help people with their diet and exercise. And help all types of people - normal people who just want to get fit, over weight people who need to lose weight & want to start exercising and even people who want to gain weight, or  peopl recovering from an ED!!! :)

Onto the subject at hand though. So i cant write a mealplan for anyone individually but i can give a rough outline of how your diet should look if you want to gain weight with a calorie intake of around 2500

Breakfast: 1) portion oatmeal, with 1dl milk, 1 banana/fruit, 3dl juice/milk, a slice of bread with butter/spread.
 Or 2) 2,5dl yoghurt, 1dl granola/muslie, 1 banana, 3dl juice

Snack: 1) 3dl juice, 1 apple & 1 yoghurt pot (i.e yoplait/activia etc)
2) 3dl juice, slice of bread with butter with ham/cheese/jam etc

Lunch: Cooked meal with carbohydrates, protein, vegetables & healthy fats/sauce & glass of milk/juice

Snack: 2dl  yoghurt, 2tbs raisins/mix of seeds, 1 tbs peanut butter/banana

Dinner: Cooked meal with carbohydrates, protein, vegetables & healthy fats/sauce & glass of milk/juice

Snack: 2 dl milk & 1-2tbs cocoa powder/hot chocolate & 2 crisp bread/3 rice cakes with toppings of choice - cheese/ham/avocado/peanut butter & jam or banana etc
  2) Home made banana ice cream - 1 banana & 1tbs peanut butter/almond butter & raspberries/berries & 3dl juice/milk

Ok... i've ast here roughly calculating how much each meal is... but im just going from the food products here in Sweden, so the nutritional value can be different in other countries - i.e higher or lower.  
  But you shouldnt worry so much about that..

This was sort of what i ate while i was in recovery... though more than this & 2-3 nutrional drinks a day... so my intake was around 3500+ calories each day with no exercise!!!
   So please understand that you do need alot of calories to gain weight... However, because i have CF i do need a higher intake, and i know i had the highest of all the patients while i was at Mando. Thats why i had the nutrional drinks added.

I reccommend eating cooked meals to both lunch and dinner and also drinking juice/milk to all meals, and also choosing the full fat products!!!! :)

Hopefully now you get an insight into roughly how a meal plan should look if you want to gain weight.
However, remember if you exercise you might need more than this - up to 3000 kcal or more... but also that your weight gain and the amount of calories you need is very individual!!! So what works for some might not work for others..... That is why i do reccommend seeing someone who can help make a meal plan for you.
  And the most important of course, Is to follow the meal plan!!!

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  1. Deat Izzy, thank you for the mealplan. Kind of coaccident I`m actually so much in Trouble, so much struggling, so so desperite! I`m suffering from AN purging type, BMI is lower than 15. I HAVE to do the recovery at home, as I`m supposed to work, I can`t skip it bc I work together with my husband and he Needs me bc he can`t give my part to someone else. And I`ve been in a lot of EDclinics ans Treatments so ist up to me to get along...but in fact I can`t. As it is winter I`m always cold, ALWAYS ALWAYS and never seem to get warm. Being cold makes me light-headed and very tired, i just fight myself through the days, struggle, purge, and having very bad attacks of anxiety and angst and Panic!
    I don`t know how to Change my Situation, I`m so tired....