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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Exercise should be part of your life - not the only thing in your life

*this post is written from my phone - so ignore typo's! !*
   Something which I thought about today is about exercise and exercise addiction. It's ok to love exercise and want to do it often, however it's not ok for it to be the only thing in your life.  Where all you think about is exercise and get anxiety if you don't exercise. To plan your day around exercise - when you'll exercise etc etc
   Sure you build up routines - I mean I have my usual times where I work out. But it happens when I have too much school work, or get added lessons or dont have the energy or motivation to work out.... and then I don't.  I dont feel the need to force myself to workout as I do it because I love it. Not because I feel I have to.
   I remember when I was over exercising I felt panicked if I couldn't exercise one day or not at my  usual times. I prioritised exercise before everything else... that's not how it should be. But also, after I worked out (only did cardio) I would be so exhausted that all I wanted to do was go home and lie down so I often cancelled plans because I just didn't have the energy.
   But exercise should be part of your life. ... It should make you stronger, happier,  more energy. .. not the other way around. You are doing something wrong if you are soo tired that you don't move or do anything g for the rest of the day after your workout.
   You need to be able to live life. ... socialise. Spend time with friends,  eat cake or chocolate,  but also exercise and eat healthy.  It's the balance..   you shouldn't prioritise exercise before living your life or not going to social events because you can't eat healthy.

Next time you prioritise exercise before spending time with friends or dont go out to eat with your family because you can't eat your normal food. Then think about this post.  And Challenge your ED!!! Fight the voice in your head.  You need to do things which scare you to recover. Don't let the voice in your head control you anymore and take your life away from you. Be strong!

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  1. words for me to learn in recovery: 'balance' & 'prioritse'. J