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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Overcoming fear foods

I will try to write a post with tips on how to overcome a fear food... or maybe even do a video(??!) but for now, hopefully this picture helps :)



  1. Ugh I have so many fear foods. I am slowly getting over some of them! The biggest ones are oil, butter, and bakery items! I fear the bakery items the most just because I don't know what is in them! One of my big goals is to go out to a restaurant and order a dessert :)

    1. Its good that you're getting over them... :) Think like this, oils and butter are daily items which most people use. I know how scary they can be, but you slowly need to get used to using them... like choosing to fry something in oil, or have butter on a sandwich etc They wont make you go up in weight,
      And just like with pasteries there is nothing wrong with them... just because you dont know what is in them. You can still enjoy them. Dont think in calories/fat/carbs etc You need to face the fear food by trying it. And my best advice is to just decide to do it... and try to do it with a friend, so that they can distract you if you get anxiety after ;)