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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hunger and fullness

Something which ive been thinking about recently is hunger and fullness.... im the type of person who is either really hungry or no appetite at all. I feel like this sort of evens itsself out.. as somedays im so hungry, that i know i eat an excess of kcal and the days where im not so hungry, even if i still force myself to try to eat regular i dont eat enough as i should.
    Though this is just part of a healthy diet - i assume, haha!! Though maybe im at the extreme ends of it... as my hunger and contrast so much from day to day.
Your body can handle extra calories, but it can also handle if you at times end up eating a little less... because well, you cant eat the same things at the same time everyday for the rest of your life. Life gets in the way... somedays you're out running errands and dont get time to eat, and other days you do nothing and end up eating out of boredom... thats how life is.
Intuitive eating, and eating healthy is all about listening to your body... knowing when you are hungry and when you are full.

You need to know that it is ok to eat extra after lunch because you are still hungry, or eat a little less for dinner because you arent as hungry. Or take an extra biscuit - just because its so tasty. There are no rules of how to eat or what is normal... or i guess there is in a way. But i mean from day to day what you eat and how much you eat and when you eat can vary... maybe not by loads, as i dont think that is so healthy, but it varies.

If im honest, i dont even know what im trying to write with this post... haha, but anyway here is a text about normal eating (which ive published before.) But i love it! As it really is the perfect text/definition of normal eating.


  1. hey Izzy, I’m in recovery and starting to feel hungry again and further I’ve faced my fear-foods so that they (or almost every one of them) does not provoke anxiety anymore. However my parents still insist on making me eat even when I’m not hungry which I don't find necessary as I would like to learn to eat when I’m hungry (know when the feeling has finally returned). Is this wrong or should I try to explain to them that I don't need 6 meals a day every day in order to recover fully? I hope you understand my question and concerns 

  2. It's great that you want to listen to your body. However whether you should listen to your body or not depends on how far you have come in recovery... If you are still very underweight, then keep eating even though you're not hungry. But if you're just a kilo or two away from your goal weigh it can be good to try listening to your body :) though it can be easy to lose weight when you first begin listening to your again.
    However I do think eating 5-6 meals is necessary and important - for many reasons.... so try get used to eating several times a day.. and eventually you will begin feeling hungry at those times :)