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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Celebrations

Thinking back to 3 years ago, the year 2010, the worst Christmas ever. Screaming, shouting, tears and anxiety. Starvation, exercise, purging and self harm. The year 2011 wasnt much better... and last year was a good christmas, but i felt very sad and depressed at the time. I had what was called the winter blues, and had been so stressed with school that i didnt enjoy christmas that much, but that didnt have anything to do with anxiety or food.

This year however, has been one of the best christmases in a long time. Infact, i cant even remember a christmas which i can compare it to... or maybe the year 2008?
Christmas, just like birthdays have never been a favourite of mine. I am not a fan of celebrating, and can tired of the endless talking and just sitting around... the food however i dont mind. I am a bit like a dog, i have room for alot of food in my stomach!
Infact, i think i have eaten the most out of everybody - double portions, questbars while opening presents, chocolate after lunch, chocolate after dinner etc  :) hahahah. My mum, sister and P are all quite shocked at the amount i can get into me... ;)

Onto my day then...?

 After our family breakfast together (which never happens because 1) i always get up before my mum & P, 2) my parents eat their breakfast in bed and 3) none of us eat the same thing for breakfast, and i like to spend a long time eating breakfast... haha) so it was nice to eat breakfast together.

^^ I look so much shorter than my sister!!! But really, its only like 4 or 5cm... (which isnt that much.. or?) 

Then we had some time to just get ready.... or in my case walk around in a sports bra and pyjama pants until the very last second. And then i put on my dress and began helping in the kitchen.
   There were eggs to cook, brussel sprouts and broccolli to boil, sweet potatoe (as i dont like potatoes) to put in the oven, salmon to bake, and the table to set...
  Me and P rushed around the kitchen getting everything done. And i think we did a good job :)

After eating a big lunch, we then moved to the sofa where we were going to watch the 'Christmas Disney program' which is a tradition in Sweden. Something which i dont understand. They show the same show every year at the same time, and you usually eat christmas lunch first, then watch the program and then open presents..... thats how it is in most households here in Sweden.
  I didnt quite have the concentration for watching the show, but i watched parts of it.

Then we had some family pictures (which i hope to share either this evening or tomorrow :) hehe ) and then it was time to open presents (at 4.30pm!). P handed out the presents one by one, and each present - the person who was giving the present had made a rhyme.... (its something which mum and P like to do, so my sister and I & P's two sons also made rhymes.).
   And in total it took 90 minutes to hand out all the presents.... i didnt have a wishlist this year, so all my presents were a surprise. And im very happy with all of them - alot of baking things - hahaha (Surprisingly im tired of baking at the moment and dont think there will be alot of baking for the next while -_-'), scarf, a 'warming blanket',, and some facial creams etc :)

After that we all took a walk before returning home and then it was dinner time again. At first i felt sick, because i had eaten 2 questbars & loads of pieces of chocolate. But i felt that i needed some more 'proper food', even if i felt sick, i knew i wouldnt feel better if i just ate sweet stuff. So eating some salmon, sweet potaoe and broccolli did help!! :)

^^ Daisy in the corner... :)

Now im spending some time on my own, reading some blogs and some other stuff... 

Hope that everyone has had a great day, and if you are celebrating tomorrow - ENJOY YOUR DAY, AND DONT BE SCARED TO EAT!!!! DONT RUIN CHRISTMAS, TRUST ME, ITS SOMETHING YOU WILL REGRET FOR A LONG TIME!!!

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  1. wow! I love this post, love the photos! you look lovely, you and your sister look lovely!
    Can't wait for more photos! And more New York trip photos, if you add them :))
    Anyway, Happy late Christmas and Early New Year!