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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beginning to work out again

So, you're at that stage where you are allowed to start exercising again... But where do you begin?
  Maybe you were addicted to exercise while you were sick, or maybe you have never worked out/exercised in your life...

What you do have to know is that you start from the bottom again. Dont expect to be able to suddenly run 10km no problem (or maybe you can, who knows?), or be able to keep going for hours (which you shouldnt do anyway) or be super strong and have loads of endurance..

Your strength, stamina, endurance and muscles arent what they once were. So you have to take it slow. And work your strength and stamina back up again.

I would reccommend only working out 3-4 times a week, MAX at the beginning. Because that is considered the normal amount, and even considered quite alot.
   There are so many different forms of exercise, so try a few different ones... find what you enjoy, what works for you.

When you beging working out again, i reccommend either walks, yoga/stretching, swimming and maybe even martial arts... those are 'calm' exercise forms (maybe not martial arts? haha) You dont have to go overboard and spend hours working out, jsut because you can.... instead, do 30-60 minutes maximum. That is the perfect amount.
  And dont feel that you have to be pouring in sweat and breathing heavy and feel so tired that you cant lift a muscle to feel satisfied with a workout.

Did you know that yoga is one of the best forms of exercise.. it tones the whole body and is soo good for many different things. (My mum is a yoga teacher!!! And i used to do yoga when iwas younger, though havent really begun with it again... though i keep telling myself i should. Maybe it should be one of my 2014 resolutions?)

Focus on enjoying your workouts - even if at times they are tough. And remember to refuel before & after your workout, as that is important.

You may know by this point that strength training is one of my passions - i love it! And that is also great for many different things. But i would definitely reccommend strength training to all of you. As it will help make your bones and muscles stronger. And you know when you have been sick, your bones become very weak and you lose alot of muscle.
  So even doing bodyweight exercises and using resistance bands are really really good!

Here is a post about strength training basics:

I can write more about strength training, and reccommend some exercises if you want? Maybe take pictures... just let me know :)

Take it easy when you begin working out again. Find what works for you. What you enjoy. Try new forms of exercise, challenge yourself. Set up small goals. Have fun, stay motivated, remember to eat enough so that you have energy.

Eat to Exercise. Dont Exercise to Eat. - Though of course, exercising isnt for everyone and thats ok!!! :)


  1. hey it would be great to post some exercises. maybe a workout plan for a day for beginners or something...? thank you izzy!!:)

    1. Not sure i could post a workout plan, as everyone is different, and what works for one person wont work for the other... plus the whole, everyone has different goals.
      But in the New Year i might begin posting some exercise tips/advice :)

  2. Well but yoga is not that "clean" thing because we can take it like just exercising but the YOGA can not take us just like the workouter… I don't know if you know what i mean… Yoga can be dangerous because it is not just our decision what it is for us. It is about something deeper… I mean I'm catholic and I don't want to take this path. you know :))

    1. Hmm, i dont really understand what you mean?
      But is it because yoga is a spiritual thing... or? Sorry, im confused with your comment? ;)

    2. Yes yes, because it is spiritual thing… I mean that it can have a bad influence on us. Ofc i doesn't have to but this is a risk. Don't think I'm crazy Catholic xD I just think that because od this spiritual side it is contrary to my religion. Because like i said i can take it as a gymnastic… but it IS yoga and it can cause samothing just because i'm doing it even without MY spiritual intention :)
      and what does your mum say about that?

    3. I dont really see yoga as such as such a spiritual thing, though it depends what type of yoga you do... But thats just m opinion, and i know others dont always agree.
      Im not so sure what my mum thinks, though i guess in some ways she believes its a bit spiritual, but she is all about meditating and doing yoga for other reasons, not spiritual reasons.