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Monday, November 18, 2013

What to do on rest days

This post is mainly for those who exercise alot.... but also, for those of you who can't quite sit still or allow yourself to rest. 

Sooo... what exactly is rest day?

  It is a day to rest, both physically and mentally. Most common people, rest day is everyday. But when you exercise often, it can be easy to skip rest days... why, because you dont like them or dont feel you need them. I know i have periods where i feel i dont want a rest day... because i have so much energy, and just love working out. Do i get anxiety because i dont workout? No i dont. I just feel bored... restless, dont know what to do with my day or myself.
   But now during the busy school term, my rest days are usually spent studying or baking. They are a day where i rest up physically, because all the other days i usually workout.
   I dont usually plan my rest days. I take them when i need them... but if i havent taken a rest day in the week, then Sunday is my rest day. As i make sure to have a rest day, minimum of once a week. Why? Because i know i need it. Whether i have lots of energy or not.
What happens during rest day? Your muscles repair themselves. Because you know what, your muscles dont grow bigger/stronger while you workout. Its when they rest and get enough energy to rebuild themselves that you become stronger. Thats why it is so important with enough rest and food if you want to see results. Its easy to think if you workout hardcore everyday, no rest, thinking that you will get faster results, when all you are doing is the opposite. You need a balance of exercise and rest.
  On rest days, you regain strength. You get more energy. So the next day you will have lots of energy again.
  Generally, you shouldnt train the same muscle two days in a row... there should go 1-2 days before you train the same muscle/muscle groups again. Thats why there is usually the rule of, if you strength train yoour whole body at once, then dont do it more than 3-4 times a week, because otherwise you will overtrain your body.
  I go to Bodypump, but i dont do that more than 3 times a week, though usually just 2 times a week and there are 1-3 days in between the classes. And in days between i usually have a rest day, and train the muscles which i didnt train in the class.
On rest days, its easy to get bored... to become restless and not know what to do. But how about doing thigns which you might not get time for otherwise. Meet friends. Go shopping. Bake. Cook. Stay in bed all day. Go out and take photos. Have a movie day. Have a spa day. Do some yoga. Clean your house. Do your studies. Write. Paint. Help a friend. Watch series.
  Do things which arent overly strenuous. Keep yourself relaxed and calm. If you feel anxious or guilty about not working out, then you obviously dont have a healthy relationship with exercise, and that is something you should think about and try to fix. Maybe take a few more rest days in the week, cut down on your workouts aand work on getting rid of the anxiety about not working out.

As i already said, i dont plan my rest days. I take them when i need them. Somedays i feel so tired and unmotivated to exercise, so then i dont. I do something else instead, i rest. And then sometimes its happened where i have planned a rest day, but have had so much energy that i go to the gym/go running instead, and then take a rest day when i need it.
Listening to your body is very important. Knowing when you are overworking yourself. When you are too tired. Its importnat to listen and know your body. You should never feel bad about not working out.
  And also, dont get so caught up in the healthy eating that you can no longer enjoy a piece of cake, or some chocolate. You cant let exercise/healthy eating get in the way of living, because then you have just gone from one obsessive way of eating/living to another way.

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