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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tired and lonely

Yesterday was a long long day... And mentally i was not with it at all.
  Realising that it is only 2,5 weeks left of school is both a relief, but also adds pressure and stress... Once again the feelings of not getting everything done in time are starting to come back.
  And im just feeling so unmotivated and tired at this point....

After school there where some information meetings & a lecture which i had to go to, so i wasnt home until 5 yesterday... And today i wont be home until around 6-ish, which i guess isnt so late compared to others. So im not complaining, just stating.
  However, it does feel tough to hae to leave before 7.30 (or earlier) each morning, in the dark and icy cold and then return home sometime around 5.30-7 each evening in the dark and cold...
  Its like i miss all sunlight.

I do take vitamin D tablets, which i can definitely reccommend to anyone else who basically misses all sunlight during winter, as it can keep you from getting depressed. (It also boosts the immune system!)

As i was so tired and had a long day in school i didnt do so much else...
  But i felt really lonely. Yesterday was the type of day where i just wanted to be with other people...  But nope... all on my own. My mum works evenings and so does my sister. And at the moment P is away with work.... so all on my own.
   Which usually i dont mind, but somedays i just want to get out of my mind own mind, take a break from feeling sad and tired and be able to just spend time with family/friends.
   And even if its been more than a year in the school i go to, i havent quite developed that relationship with my friends where i can just call them and talk about things... :/

Anyway.... i dont want to dwell on yesterdays feelings. Instead focus on today.... Wednesday. Take the day as it comes.....

^^Part of my night snack.
Yesterday all i was craving was fresh vegetables & fruit.
I also ate some cherry tomatoes & grapfruit & almonds!

Hope you all have a good day :)


  1. Do you always eat a night snack, like even if you're not hungry? Sometimes I'm not hungry in the evenings but I go to sleep and then wake up really hungry in the night and snack then.
    How long do you leave between eating your snack and going to bed?

    1. I am usually always hungry in the evenings, so 90% of the time i do. But somedays im not, so then i dont eat one. If you often wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry, then it means you havent eaten enough during the dya... so then maybe try to eat a snack. Eating complex carbs, such as oatmeal and/or protein is good before you go to bed as it gives you good fuel, but wont spike your sugar levels so that you become more alert.
      Dont believe the whole 'dont eat after 8' myth... because thats not true. I eat my night snack almost right before igo to bed... or like 20 minutes before, mainly because thats when i get hungry. And my night snacks fill me up, but no to the point of bursting. So then i go to bed satisfied ;)