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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just Make the best of everything

Winter, coldness and darkness are creeping into my day. Making life, generally alot harder. By 3pm it is dark. And knowing that makes me feel sad, tired, unwilling and unmotivated to do anything.
  I like being outside, i like going for walks, both in the morning and evening. I am usually the only one who takes Daisy for a walk, but now because it is getting alot colder and darker, just looking outside makes me want to pull on another jumper and stay seated in place.
   Also, stress.  This week i have finished school alot earlier than normal, as its been parent teacher meetings (I had mine today, and it went great... infact it only took 10 minutes because neither my mum or mentor had anything to say as all my grades are good.). Ive been getting home around 2/3pm this week and it has felt sooo good, because usually i dont finish school until after 4, and recently ive been spending an hour studying in school afterwards (if i dont go to the gym.)
   But this week, even though my days are shorter, my energy is at zero... mainly because of stress and not enough sleep.
Thinking about how it will be next week, when its back to long days in school, finishing late.... it gives me loads of anxiety at the moment. Coming home in the pitch black, and icy cold weather.
  I hate winter.... i could write an essay about all the things i hate about winter and the cold. But im not.
Because in the end, complaining isnt going to make things better. Instead, i just need to focus on keep my mood and energy levels up. To not slide into a depression this winter, as i easily do when i am stressed and its cold/dark outside.

I had only meant to write about my day in this post... but i guess you got all that ^^^aswell :) hahha
  But i am sure that i am not the only person who is feeling low now that its winter time...

Since i got home from school, i have been studying maths... with continuous breaks. working 15 minutes, and then a small break. And then 10 minutes... and its working alot better than just sitting for an hour straight!!
  I have also been eating loadssss...  I guess because im feeling so tired, my body wants extra energy. So im eating plenty, though my stomach just isnt feeling satisfied... :/

Do any of you feel low/sad when its winter time, and it gets colder/darker? Do you have any coping methods to keep yourself motivated/happy? :)


  1. Can you tell me what are the tumblrs that you are following? Because i need lunch inspirations :) please tell me as quick as possible because im struggling with eating the same meals... and i really want to change it and it nutritious, healthy lunches/dinners. Pls. Waiting ;*

  2. Eating plenty of Pumpkin soup always makes me feel better as does drinking Chamomile tea :)

    1. Believe it or not... ive never tried pumpkin before? Ô_O I really need to though :)

  3. awww this sounds hard to deal with, I don't like how early it gets dark here either, though probably not quite as much as you haha! I love going for evening walks, though and the dark, cold wintery weather definitely makes it difficult~
    If it's to nasty out, I usually play a game, whether it's on the computer. telly, or some kind of card game with family, or I draw and paint, and drink tea and coffee, but the annoying thing is is all of that kind of stuff gets old after a long while of doing it haha :O :)

    1. I love drinking tea in the evening :) And watching series. :) I guess i just need to find new things to do inside, so that i dont get stuck doing the same thing all the time, and feeling boerd and stuck!!!

  4. I wish I had a trick to cheer my up in the winter, but naaah.. I just try to carry on with the same tempo. But thinking of Christmas gives me a lot of excitement. Only five weeks of school anymore! It will get easier when there will be a bit of snow. If I need an escape I will turn to nice music,powerful workouts or my favourite series. Like I said, my strategy is just coping. So far every time the winter has been followed by a new spring! :)

    1. Oh, I guess I had some tricks after all!

    2. Thinking about christmas, or knowing that it is only 5 more weeks of school (though this is both stressful and calming..? haha) does help a little!
      Hahah, yeah you are right.. every winter is followed my spring.. and then summer :) :)

      Keeping up with routines and habits is a good way to stay focused and not get too depressed, or unmotivated! Workouts and school are my way of keeping up with routines, knowing what i have to do. And workouts always make me feel better... give me so much energy :)

      Thank you for your tips =)

  5. Hey there, I hate winter too, for exactly the same reasons. And the main reason is that it gets dark soooo early :(. Thank your for writing a post about it, now I feel a little better Just to now there is another person who gets grumpy/sad faster than in spring, summer or autumn makes it a bit easier!
    Regards, M.

    1. Hahah :) Its good that you can relate!! I dont understand how some people can be constantly so energetic and happy duing winter/dark times ^_^