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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Recovery website

I found this recovery website, which im sure could be useful for many of you!
  So check it out... look at the 'recovery toolbox', 'affirmations', 'help' etc =)

Motivational Ideas

Positive Post-Its -- Write down positive affirmations on post-it notes or small pieces of paper and stick them around your house/apartment/room in places where you can see them. Telling yourself that you are a special person isn't always easy to do especially at the beginning of recovery, so having these little "reminders" around will help!

I Love Me Cards -- Make your own personal deck of cards that also have positive affirmations written on them -- you can use index cards and cut them in half to make them smaller... they also come in all kinds of wonderful colors now! Decorate them with stickers, drawings, doodles or anything you like and keep them in a special place. Each day when you wake up, close your eyes and pick three or four to carry around with you for the day (in your pock

Happy Recovery Day -- Go out and buy little gifts for yourself -- candles, incense, bubble bath, small books, earrings, all kinds of things you like (that range from $1 to $15 or $20) -- wrap them up in wrapping paper and address them to yourself, then put them in a special place. For each personal stride you make in your recovery (like for example, if you went the day without purging, or followed a healthy meal plan, etc.) award yourself one of the gifts! When you run out, make sure to go and buy some more!

Tips to Improve Your Body Image

Cut labels out of your clothes. The size on the tags shouldn't dictate your mood for the day!

Stay away from the scale -- as a matter of fact, get rid of it! If your weight needs to be monitored, leave that up to the doctors. How much you weigh should never affect your self-esteem or your sense of who you are.

Take risks to challenge yourself. Think of things you normally wouldn't do and try them (you'll find out that the world won't cave in) -- leave the house without makeup, get a wild new haircut (how many years have you had that same hairdo???), spend all day in your pajamas or go out to run an errand in them. The point is, your makeup, hair and clothes do not make you who you are! Prove it!

Remind yourself that the people who truly love you, love you for YOU, not for what you look like.

Remind yourself that looking healthy is something positive. It means that you are well rested, eating right and nurturing your soul. It means no more than that, and no less than that.

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  1. I've been a member of the site for years. It does have GREAT resources on the main page and it also has a pro-recovery forum that people can sign up for. I have found the forum to be very helpful, but there are some changes taking place right now (based on the owners of the company, who just own it, but don't know anything about it) that could change it's dynamics a LOT- potentially in a negative way. But, all the resources that you listed are great.

    1. I just found the website this morning, and didnt really have a chance to fully check it out... maybe i should have if its not that good? Or can have a negative affect somehow?
      Can i just ask, in what way could it be potentially negative? :)

  2. I may have stated that wrong. As a website, it is GREAT! However, there have been management changes within the past week that could make a huge (potentially negative) difference to the forum in the site (probably not the site itself, just the "People with an ED" Forum. There has always been a full-time moderator (she was in charge of the entire site) and several volunteer mods. The company that owns the site just decided to take away the full-time mod, meaning that the volunteer mods left (this company has not done a good job of supporting volunteer mods to do their job in the past nor do they have the time to successfully handle full-mod work).

    So, the forums have the potential of changing from a pro-recovery to pro-ED site (not on purpose, but when people start sharing triggering things and things that are usually closely watched/deleted by mods, it could happen). I just want anyone who decides to join the forum to be careful, knowing that it could become triggering without mod support. I hope that this won't happen- just want anyone looking to know that!

    If it stays like it is right now, it is a great site- amazing resources and support.