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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Improve your body image

Learning to like the way you look and accept your body is hard. I mean everyone is self critical, just some are more critical and harsh towards themselves than others. Everyone compares themselves to others, but it is something you can learn to ignore... to not do. Or not as much anyway.

First of all, stop focusing on being perfect. Stop trying to look a certain way. Looking at other peoples' bodies and comparing yourself is not going to do you any good at all. Stop looking at pictures of others and seeing how good they look, because most of those pictures are photoshopped. And you know what, anyone can fake looking good in a picture. People can fake thigh gaps, fake looking skinny...  its all about light, flexing/sucking in, how you stand and then of course some people even use photoshop when they're desperate.
  So Please dont compare yourself to others.
I often get comments or emails where people tell me that they hope to look like me when they've recovered, but the fact is... you wont. Because im me. Its my body. Even if we're the same height and weight doesnt mean we'll look the same.
I have seen pictures of girls where they are the same height and weight as me (and roughly the same age) but we look completely different.... and that my friends is due to Genes/DNA & lifestyle.

So stop striving to look a certain way and instead, focus on other things.

Instead of focusing all your attention on your body, on what you eat/weigh, do something which you love. Something which makes you happy and you stop thinkingabout your body and the way you look. Because you know what, other people dont really care about the way you look. And if they do, they are very shallow people who are just insecure about their own looks and feel the need to bring others down to make thmselves feel better.

For some people, they love theater/dance/singing/horse riding/reading/writing etc .... find your thing which you love. Maybe you love spending time in nature? Or being with animals. Then maybe find a job, or activity which makes it possible to spend time in nature/be with animals or whatever.
   For me, i love working out and exercising... And of course, some people will think... Thats not taking the focus from your body. 
   But you know what, it is. I dont exercise to try to change my body. I dont have any specific gaols with my body. I mean im not going to compete in some fitness competition, so i dont need to be hardcore with my workouts or really strict with my diet. I just do what i love, what i feel like doing. And i eat what i want. I dont plan 'cheat meals' because i just think they're stupid. If you're craving something, then i think you shoudl eat it. In moderation and balance.
  I od have goals with my training, like being able to run a half marathon and hopefully one day run a marathon. To keep improving and being able to lift heavier. To be more flexible etc. But im not so strict with my workouts... its not like im constantly working towards those goals. Its more something that i hope i can do/reach some day.
  To me, exercising is not focusing on my body... or it is, but not on the way i look. More on the way i feel. Because it makes me feel happy, and that is the important thing. But also, it makes me realise just how much i can do. I am alot stronger than i think i am. I can do so much more then i thought i could. I do and try things which i was scared of before.
   To me, exercise has taken the focus away from looking a certain way, to actually accepting the way i look. Loving the way i look. And being happy with what i am capable of doing. Learning to love my body for what it can do, instead of the way it looks.

Also, a way to improve your body image... or how you feel about yourself. Is to disconnect from the sick world.
  I know many while they are sick or recovering, they seek to find someone they can relate to. People who udnerstand what they are going through. So you end up becoming 'friends' with other people who are sick. You read sick peoples blogs, you look at pictures that make you feel worse about yourself.
   But delete that out of your life, if it makes you feel bad about yourself.
Even my blog. If my bblog negativly affects you, or say my old posts. Then dont read them. If you find yourself triggered by my blog in someway, then 1) you can tell me that something is triggering and i can try to change it. Or you can stop reading my blog... for your own sake.
   Are there any blogs which you read, just because the person is sick and you have something to relate to... but infact the blog/posts trigger you? Or you look at fitspo, and the pictures make you feel bad about yourself?
  Then stop looking/reading those things. Because its not worth it. Its your mental health. You should feel good. You shouldnt do things that make you feel bad.
Remind yourself that you are good enough the way you are. Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Even if its hard. Even if it feels fake. Then you just have to, Fake it till you make it. Because one day you will feel beautiful. You will look in the mirror and like the way you look.

Change your negative thoughts to positive ones. Whenever you get a thought like, I hate my stomach. Or, My thighs look fat, or I wish i looked like a VS model. Then replace those thoughts with 3 positive things about yourself. Like, your hair looks good. Or that you are good at singing. Or you are kind. Or that you have nice legs etc... 3 positive comments about yourself.

Some people find that making a collage of positive words or list of good things about themselves can help. And you put it somewhere where you can see it everyday.
  Or putting positive affirmations about yourself on your mirror. So whenver you look in the mirror, you see those positive words which can hopefully help you think more positively when you look in the mirror.

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