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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Exercise rest & recovery

Something which is very important to remember when you exercise alot, or do very strenguous workouts, 
is to remember to rest. Exercise is a sort of addiction. When you exercise it releases endorphines which
make you feel good. And well, exercise is fun!! But, just because you love exercise doesnt mean that it should
go overboard. 
If you want results, then rest is important. Especially when you are weight training. 
When you strength train, you break down your muscles. And then when you eat and feed your body,
and rest, thats when the muscles begin to repair themselves and they become bigger/stronger.
So if you dont eat enough, or dont rest enough inbetween workouts, then you wont see results because 
all you're doing is breaking down your muscles.

And just like cardio, you can do too much. Going for a daily walks, is ok. Though powerwalks everyday isn't
good because that is a 'tough' workout. So on your rest days (take between 1-3 a week) do some light yoga
or go for a light walk if you really cant do anything.

But i reccomendon rest days you spend time with friends and family. Maybe go shopping, or to the movies.
Or just stay in and watch films all day!!
  && Remember, just because you are having a rest day doesnt mean you eat less. Infact, it can be good to 
eat even more!! To really fuel you and give yourself enough energy!

Also, if you dont rest enough you can end up over exercising and burning out... which can lead to depression
and loads of other nasty things. (Yes, i have experienced this. And it isNOT fun.) 

My best advice, listen to your body. When it is tired or you dont have alot of energy. Take it easy. REST! 
Dont push yourself to workout.

I dont plan rest days. I take rest days whenever i need it. Whether that is a whole rest week, or just once a
week depends on how im feeling.


  1. really loved this post, I already know a lot of these things, but I just went for a run and it's sooo helpful to be reminded regularly about things like stretching and resting etc.. :))

    1. I usually 'forget' about stretching afterwards... but I need to get better at it!! Haha :)
      Hows runnig going? :)