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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Birthday cake

Ok... can i just take a moment to say that i think i am the master of cake making? ;) Hahah
  I am so happy and proud at the moment of my birthday cakes... thye look so good that i dont want to eat them... but at the same time i want to eat them all up!!! *The struggle* haha


So far today i have been to the gym and had a great workout :) (My favourite thing to do... so a great way to start my birthday celebrattions) and then i came home, eaten several times, finished making the cakes...
And now im still in 'cosy clothes' as guests dont arrive for another 2 hours, so soon i'll begin getting ready!! And then i am going to spam my blog with pictures of myself...
Because you only have a birthday once a year :)

Hope you all have a good day!! :)


  1. Oh my! Those cakes look absolutely amazing!! I want a piece, please!

    1. :) They tasted amazing too!! :) I can send you apiece ;)

  2. Ååh, vad gott det ser ut! Skulle man kunna få recepten? :)
    Hoppas att du har en bra födelsedag! Sjukt tajmat att fylla 18 på en lördag ju! ;)

    1. Jah jag kan lägga upp recepten i veckan :) Hahah, jah blev perfekta dagn att fylla 18 ;)

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed it, every next year you look more and more beautiful, how are you doing this?! :D :) and the cake..mmm...send me a piece of it to the Czech republic, please
    Thanks for everything you've done for us..your posts, comments, videos...everything! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! haha... i have no idea!