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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

99% yes

Looking at the poll i made yesterday about progress photos, it was 99% yes to progress photos!!! That actually surprised me!
  I thought there would be alot more no's... that was why i asked. Because i have posted progress pictures before, but gotten critisizm and been told that i am still 'too skinny' or am not at a healthy weight - which i infact am.
 I have gained more muscles, so i dont look the same as i did when i first reached my goal weight... infact i am 4-5 kg heavier now than my goal weight was.

Another reason why i asked was because, i dont want to trigger anyone. This is a recovery blog, and i dont promote being skinny or underweight. I dont have photos from when i was sickest, and i wouldnt show them anyway. But as almost everyone who voted said yes, then i guess i'll post photos from when i was underweight and show how i am now... and when i first reached my goal weight.. because you know what, alot can happen in a year!

One thing which you do have to remember is that..this is my body. I am a healthy wieght for my age & height.
  You wont look like me when you have recovered... but you wont be fat when you have recovered, that is somethign which i can honestly tell you.
  If you feel fat when you have reached your goal weight, remember that that is not real. Because your doctors/dieticians would not let you become overweight or have excessive amounts of fat, because that is not healthy either. Your goal weight is designed for you... for your body, you height, your age. It is a healthy weight for you.
  Dont even think about the number, because the number on the scale has no meaning what so ever. All it tells you is your mass...

I mean, i have gained 20-23kg from my lowest weight... how has that affected me or changed me? It has given me my life back. Im happier. Im healthier. I have SO MUCH MORE energy. I like my body. I go to school. I can concentrate. I dont mind looking at myself in the mirror. I dont constantly feel fat. I dont mind seeing myself in photos. I life my life.
And like i mentioned earlier, since reaching my goal weight i have gained 3-4 kg whic his mianly muscle mass as i strength train, but has that made me fat... unperfect.... ugly? unsmart? has it changed me in anyway...? No... no it hasnt. The number on the scale has changed, but apart from that... not so much. Apart from my strength of course ;) I am alot stronger.
  Infact, something which i thought about is that i can squat and do leg presses more than what i weighed when i was sickest...? That is real messed up... And just puts into perspective how underweight i was.

But anyway.. back to topic. Dont compare yourself/your body to mine. And hopefully, no negative comments will be recieved.

I will post my progress pictures either tomorrow or on Thursday ;) Just gotta find the pictures first!
^^This is an old one i made. (Left is from ssummer 2012 (i think... though it might be earlier?) Right is me Christmas 2010)

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