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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Running is fun when you dont get blisters on your feet!

Good afternoon lovelies :)
   This morning after my lovely breakfast, i was filled with energy and looking out the window, i just felt like running!!  Its been almost 3 weeks since i last ran... or ran more then 500m anyway!! When i last went running (actual running!) i got the worst pain in my shins, and i suspected it was shin splints or something like that, and of course the best thing you can do is then avoid the activity you were doing. So not so much fun. But i didnt want to make it worse... and then the past few weeks i havent really felt like running anyway, so i guess it wasnt so bad.
  But today i decided to test running again, see how it went!!

And it felt so great!!! Welll.... until i started getting blisters on both of my feet due to my insoles... :/ I had to stop numerous times to try to do soemthing abotu the pain, and in the end i had to take out my insoles and put them in the arm of my jumper!! Hahah Who said i wasnt creative? :) And that minimized the pain, so i was able to keep running for the full 10km :)

I love running!! Its the most amazing thing. To just feel free. Its like i dont even need to think abotu it, i just listen to my music, look at my surroundings, hear my heart beating!! I dont need to think or worry!! Its definitely a form of freedom!
   Though of course, not everyone likes running. So if you dont like running, dont force yourself out. Because everyone is different and there are many different forms of exercise, just because others like running doesnt mean you have to aswell!!

^No filter.
(BTW.... let me know if those types of photos ^above are triggering!! I dont mean to trigger!!! So dont be scared to let me know :) )

Now its time for some lunch and to start my day of studying :)

What are your plans for the weekend? :)


  1. Du har för fin kropp, det är inte rättvist ;)

  2. Not triggering. Just inspiring :)

  3. What workouts/exercises do you do to get your body? How often do you exercise.