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Friday, February 22, 2013


Do any of you ever get so angry, irritated and frustrated at your parents? Feels like i could scream at the top of my lungs from anger/frustration at my mum!!
  She doesnt see anything... Usch. She annoys me so much. And usually i can keep calm, just lock myself in my room and avoid her.
  But today... I cant seem to keep myself calm.

Right now, all i want is an escape... just run away. I cant stand living with my mum anymore. I just want to move out. Live on my own... not have anything to do with my mum anymore.
To keep me from arguing with my mum, or worse... taking the anger out on myself. I put on my shoes and jacket, and went outside and walked for a while and called my sister. I felt the need to vent.
  She knows and understands me... as she has been through the same situation. Though she is lucky enough to actually have moved out... Usch. Why is it always the younget siblings who are stuck with their parents...
  Gosh.. why are parents so annoying? -_- Its like she's trying to control me... or even more, she knows what makes me angry and mad... but yet. She still says/does those things...
    -_- Uggh.... I thought it would help to write everything otu. But its just making me more angry... -_-

Cant stand living with my mum....

And also, the anxiety of travelling to Ireland in 2 days time, is adding to stress and anxiety levels... Really just want to dissappear and escape for a while -_-


  1. I know exactly how you feel Izzy. I haven't found the answer to that. Just remember to breathe. It gets better eventually. It's hard but it gets better. Xxx

    1. Oh yes. Just trying to stay calm.... Parents suck. :/ haha. I guess we're at that age, where parents are just anoying... -_-
      We just have to stick it out...
      Hope you have a good weekend :) xx

  2. That must be so frustrating.. :(
    I was just wondering how you managed relationships with your family when you were sick? It's so hard to get my parents to trust me and let me do things normal teenagers do, like go out with friends, do sport, go on holiday etc. How did you persuade them to trust you and back off a bit?
    Btw I love your blog, it has really helped me xx

    1. Ive answed this in a post (coming up tomorrow) :)