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Monday, February 11, 2013

Listen to your body.

Today i have felt hungry, all the time! And that is ok... as i know that i am hungry for a reason... its not a boredom hunger. But actual hunger. And i have allowed myself to eat, huge amounts!! haha. I know my body needs it.
But one thing which i read/see very often, is girls asking other bloggers (i.e fitspo/health bloggers) how many calories they should eat, and if it is bad that they ate 1600 instead of 1500... 
^^That is my reaction to those types of comments!!

haha. Basically... if you are hungry. Eat!! It is as simple as that. You have to learn to listen to your body and its signals. Its not easy, and it can be scary to do. But you who are recovering, or 'healthy' listen to your body!!
   Everyday is different. I have days where i have absaloutly no appetite. And all my 5 meals are tiny... i might not even eat 5 meals. I might just eat 3...  but thats ok.
  Because another day, i might be extremly hungry, where it feels like my stomach is a bottomless pit. And then i allow myself to eat. Because i know i need it.
  And you know what, you wont gain wieght from it... because you eat x calories more. If you're body is sending hunger signals, then it needs the energy. 
  And you wont feel better, or even think any clearer if you are going around hungry.
And also... dont wait until that certain time when you are going to eat again... take a sandwich or a fruit. Or a handful of nuts or something. It wont harm you. It wont make any difference to your body.

I dont count calories... i dont see the point in it. I mean, why get sad because you've eaten more then usual? I dont want or need to know how many calories are in my snacks or in my lunch/dinner. As long as it is nice, healthy food that fills me up. Then i am happy!!

Calories is energy which you need. And they are just numbers. Whether you eat 2000 or 2200 it wont make a difference to your body. Remmeber that.

And listen to your body. That is the most important!

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