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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its all about the pose.

When you look at photos... its hard to know whats true. Does that girl actually look like that? Loads of photos are fixed with photoshop!! Fix the light, and contrast. Make the bones/muscles more clear. And of course the pose.

One thing which bothers me alot, because i know so many people -worldwide. Look at models in the magazines, or look at fitspo... or fitness models and think. Wow, she has the perfect body.
  But you know what... those pictures you see... they're all fixed with photoshop. Made to look perfect.
  Models... many are underweight (Though not at all.) And once again... in magazines and photos. They're photos are fixed. 

And fitness models... with their muscles and toned bodies. To look the way they do, with like 10% body fat. That is unhealthy. And the fitness models who compete in competitions, they going on severe diets before their competitions, and only look that way 'toned, abs' for a few weeks. But they cant look like that all the time, as it is physically unhealthy.

Though of course, with fitspo, there are many girls who look great. Who are skinny/toned, and doesnt mean that the photos are fixed... though here comes the posing and light!!
   If you are toned/skinny, but maybe dont have those 'popping abs' or muscles, you can still fake it in photos.
  When i see some 'fitspo' poictures (not going to post, as it can be triggering.) all i see is, how they are posing... how the light is fixed. And sure, they might have great bodies, im not saying anything about that.
  But im jsut trying to put a light on these things

That it is easy to sit and compare yourself to these perfect girls, to the girls in the pictures (Even guys on that fact!!). But you have to know that you are beautiful just the way you are!! And sometimes you have to think, can i actually trust this photo? (might sound strange, but im hoping you understand me?!)

I saw this photo, and felt i had to share.

@amandaadamsfit: Just starting out with your fitness goals? Don’t be discouraged by what I call “Professional Mirror Self Pic Takers” haha
Now these two pics are literally the exact same time just different facial expression, posing, lighting, etc etc. It’s always good to follow girls to give you motivation, BUT most girls that have done photo shoots know to pose best to take a good pic haha (did I just embarrass myself? Yeah….lol)
-Lighting? Instagram filters are awesome to make your muscles pop and add shadows in all the right places
-Heels? That will make your leg muscles pop…duh
-Sexy face or Happy face? Well that shows you have confidence lol which suddenly makes you look 100% better
-Lotion? Well obviously your muscles will pop out more…
-Loose pants/bottoms on? If they are tight…well hello skin roll
-Standing up straight? Pic far away? Chest out? Boobs out? Etc etc… Haha

So sad and funny…but true! Now I’m not saying this to make fun of people (hello…I do it weekly) But it’s to show that you really can’t compare your progress to other people’s pictures. Look at them for motivation and that’s it! ;) 

And.... i decided to make my own. (Ahh.. kinda cringing posting this.) But im hoping it helps you... makes you realise that things can be faked!!
^^LEFT: Pushing my belling out.
MIDDLE: Looking fit? (haha.. trying to!)
RIGHT: How i actually look.

(Sorry that the picture goes out to the side... -_-)


  1. Oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you for this. I can't tell you how much I needed that.

  2. I really appreciate you posting this! I can't tell you how much your blog inspires me to recover fully.

    Many thanks

  3. This was so inspiring!! and i think you look great!! you have the perfect body.!! and you're not even trying to be a fitspo! thats just the way you look... you dont even need to pose. haha
    your blog inspires me so much!

  4. I liked this post very much.. Very true:)