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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dont forget to eat!!

One thing which i feel i have to write here, and remind people... is that, when you exercise or workout... dont forget to eat!!
   I read quite a few blogs, and 1 thing which ive noticed is that, ALOT of people who are sick or hae been sick (with an ED) are starting to eat clean and exercise, and sure, i am definitely not one to critisze that... i mean, i would be the biggest hypocrite of all time if i were to tell you that you're not allowed to eat healthy or exercise because thats not true. 
   But one thing which i do believe it, and have written about it before is that... sure, you can eat healthy and exercise... but make sure you are actually healthy before you turn to that. Its so easy to hide behind this 'healthy' mask... where you workout and eat clean, jsut to minimize the anxiety.. because it means that you wont have to eat certain foods, you'll have an exucse for eating salad, or working out loads... but you know what, that lifestyle wont work. You shouldnt exercise just so that you are allowed to eat. Or exercise to punish yourself...
  you should exercise because you enjoy it. Because it makes you feel good!! A lifestyle where you exercise loads, all the time because it helps ease the anxiety,  or because you're compensating for eating... that wont last. You will burn yourself out. And most probably end up in hospital. Because by living like that... you are putting alot of strain on your body.
And now... the second thing which ive noticed, as that many dont eat enough after exercising. I know there is the whole 'if you want to lose weight, then dont eat back the calories burned.' But seriously... you have to eat.
   A mistake which i made at the start, when i began exercising was that, i ate very little before i exercised, and didnt eat anything afterwards.... which, resulted in no results. Feeling tired and no energy.
  But now, (well the past months!!) i eat before and after my workout. And i see better results, and helps my body recover!!

And you know what... when i exercise, i eat the calories i burn and even more. Because i dont need to lose weight, and now when i am actually trying to build muscle i need to eat even more!! (haha, though cant say that eating that much, is going so well!!)

So remember, if you are at a steady weight, and exercising because you enjoy it, dont froget to eat afterwards!! Your body needs it :)

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