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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Coping with exercise addiction.

Im pretty sure ive posted this before, but  it never hurts to read again: 

SO you’re finally at that point in recovery when you’re allowed to exercise again! Yayy!! Congrats! Now, how do you make sure it doesn’t get out of control again?
There’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve learned from my own experience that is really helpful with handling this kind of situation.

  • Set limits for yourself. Tell yourself “I am going to spend X minutes doing cardio” and that’s all you’re allowed. Make sure it’s a reasonable amount of time though. Especially starting out… start with shorter periods of time. Not stick to that. There will be times you’re going to have to force yourself off a machine… believe me, I have to do it all the time. Don’t start trying to round up or even things off… no more “just to the next half mile”, no more “I just need to round my time up to the next five”, no more “I have to round my calories to the next ten”. Don’t do it! I have legit got myself STUCK on machines for over 40 minutes trying to even things off. This is not a healthy way to exercise.

  • If you DO find yourself thinking this way and are having a difficult time getting yourself to stop completely- get off the machine and do a less intense workout for about 10 minutes to transition yourself out of exercise-mode. If you have too, lower the intensity of the machine then find a less intense exercise to transition yourself. It depends on how stuck you are. 

  • Speaking of rounding calories… don’t even pay attention to the amount you’re burning. Before you get on the machine set it so you won’t see the calories or, if that’s not an option, cover the screen with a towel.

  • Do NOT get into a routine. I know, this is not what you normally hear in regards to exercise… but if you are working out at the same time everyday… it’s going to become a habit, the habit will then become an obsession, and from there you are stuck in a vicious cycle again. If you are recovering from an eating disorder it is too risky to put yourself in that situation. You are more likely to take things too far. Change up the days you exercise (and don’t exercise 7 days a week), exercise at different times of the day, and just keep mixing things up. Don’t even work out at the same time on Mondays. Make it different every week… unexpected. Don’t always plan it. Just see where it fits naturally into your day if you know it’s going to be an exercise day.

  • Do the same with your workouts- mix up the actual exercises. Not only is this good for your body, but it’s also a great way to make sure you don’t form such a rigid habit around exercising.

  • Do NOT keep exercise equipment, DVDs, or anything related to that in your room. Keep it in another room. Do your workouts somewhere that is not your bedroom. 

  • Make sure you eat PRE-workout. The food is fuel for your body and you are putting yourself at risk if you are not properly nourished.

  • In some cases, it may help to have an exercise buddy (at least on some days) that knows you’re in recovery and can help you if they feel you’re going overboard. They can tell you to get off a machine or stop what you’re doing and be supportive. But if you are too competitive of a person, you don’t want to be trying to outdo them will exercising.

  • Bring your phone! I use my phone for music which makes things a bit more compact so I don’t have a phone and ipod, but when you’re on a piece of equipment… play with your phone. Now, of course you have to be safe as well. But text, facebook, instagram, play games… it will keep you busy so you don’t get overly focused on the calories or on your workout which will help so that you don’t become obsessed again.

  • Bring a towel an cover the screen on the equipment. You don’t need to see the calories burned. If you can turn the settings off so you won’t even see that calories then do that.
This is just off the top of my head right now… I may have some other stuff but it’s not coming to me right now. These are some of the key points though, I’ll add on if I think of anything else.


There are some tips!! But my best advice is that, start with a new type of exercise. Maybe try yoga, or dancing? Swimming? It can keep you from going back to your obsessive ways.
  The gym can be a hard place to go to when you are recovered from your ED. Especially if you worked out at the gym while you were sick.
  I mean, you can wonder... what am i doing there if im not losing weight? You start comparing yourself to others who´... wonder why that toned and fit girl can spend 90 minutes on the treadmill, or that skinny girl can workout hard on the elliptical? Dont compare yourself. But a good thing to do when you start at the gym, whether its your first time at the gym, or you're going back again. Is to go to classes. Classes are usually 30-50 minutes. And that is a perfect workout amount of time. Dont get stuck in the... it doesnt count if i didnt workout for 2 hours... as that will jsut lead to a never ending, black circle. 30-60 minutes is absaloutly fine. You dont need more then that.
    Trying a new exercise form can be a good way to get back into exercising, and gives you an oppertunity to start something new... something you've wanted to do?

And remember, eating something 1-2 hours before you exercise, and then eat something afterwards!!!

Dont get stuck in an exercise addiction. Enjoy exercising!!! :)

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  1. Hi! Exercise is medium to make your body fit & healthy.Don't make this as a addiction just do it for enjoying. If you do it as much as enjoying than can realize the change in yourself. Lovely post... :-)