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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anxiety... go Away.

Ive had a great day today.... but now. Im all alone. With my thoughts and my anxiety growing making me feel a little crazy.
   I just want to go home.... how I feel now. I never want to travel again. I get too home sick.  I cant manage it.
Today ive spent the day in town with my best friend and have bought a few new clothes. Which is nice :)
Tonight we're havig chinese take away. In all honesty I havent eaten chinese for almost 7 years. So can't say if I like it or not.... not even sure what we're getting...?
All I want to do is be alone... but at the same timr. Im going to go crqzy if I just sit with my thoughts. ... :/ usch.
Take me home.

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  1. You can do this !! :) I know how it feels when you are homesick.... But remember to smile !! :) And the world will smile back at you!! :) And you can go home soon right? :)

    New clothes ? Coool ! What kind of clothes have you bought ? I bet that they are nice !!! :) I'm planning to buy new clothes too ! :) I'm afraid of it a little bit :) ( I can't remember the last time i bought new clothes XD. )

    Sending you a biiiig virtual hug!!! :) xxx