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Friday, August 31, 2012

we shouldnt be scared to eat

yyou know what ive realised... or actually always known  that we shouldnt be so scared to eat, to restrict and not allow ourselves certain foods... we our young... really our bodies justburn everything weeat anway,... i mean, when you enter that late 30s 40s... then  
ou will need to cutdown and maybe not eat certain foods...but for now, we are young.... we dont need to restrict or deny ourselves certsin foods... its about a healthy balanced diet abnd lifestyle. its all about moderation.. it was actuallyrealised thks by the help of my sister, she is normal and normal weight. she eat normally. whether its a salad,or,its a barof chocolate... and she goes to the gym when sshe feels she needs to exercise... she has a balanced healthy lifestyle.
   thats the way it should be..... i mean were in our youth. our metabolism is at our best... so really we can enjoy what ever we want!!! 
  when we restrict, wre just ruining our meabolism. slowing it down... its betterto eat a little every 2-3 hours you keep the metabolism up.
we are young.... we should enjoy our youth and eat nice food before its too lat...

im sorry this is written so bad... im currently on the phone withcD  and not reslly concentrating... i had loads to say and had the words in my head... but now cus im not focusing onthe blog my words arent coming forward... so you just have to resort to my half focussed writing!!! 

basically... realise that oure young. at the stage where your metabolism is best... you can eat whatever you want.!!!!

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