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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taking it easy

Today... im gonna take it easy.. not so sure how im feeling today.
  Tired, but full of energy. Hungry, but feeling sick? Happy... but sad?
  All the emotions... ??

Today im just gonna fix somethings at home, and need to buy some school things as tomorrow its the first day of school...Where did the summer go?
  If anyone still goes to school what date do you begin?

Im nervous about school start, as its a new school and i dont know anybody.. but nobody will. Everybody will be new in the school... oir everyone in my year anyway :)
   Does anyone have any tips for the first day of school?.. Of course i know the, smile, be nice and talk to people! But any other helpful tips or advice? :) hehe

I will post recipes and pictures a little later :)


  1. wow, you are starting school so early! I still have a month till the beginning...
    anyway, good luck..its gonna be exciting, new schoool, new faces... new friends? :)

  2. Try to join in every activity - be everywhere - so you get to know a lot of people.
    Don't stick to the first person you talked to - try to talk to everyone.
    And of course it's school but it's the frt day - take it easy, have fun!

  3. Don't be TOO focussed on the study aspect of school. In the first week you should focus more on talking to people, finding similar interests etc... Don't panick if there are some people who seem unfriendly. Just avoid them, they're not worth bothering with and they will learn in future. Just stick with the nice people and then you'll be in a good crowd for the rest of the year :) Just enjoy yourself! Be yourself! You're such a lovely person you have no need to worry about making friends ^_^ xx

  4. I start school tomorrow as well!! :s not quite looking forward to it, haha, but really who does..? Ill be posting about my plans for school today sometime actually, because it's kind of complicated with school+recovery program. But for advice I would just say the same as the others that commented, try to get to know lots of people in your first few days and do lots of activities :) that was actually some good advice to hear for myself, I'm going to try to keep that in mind, pretty hard for me since I'm super shy though! :) hope it all goes well!! I'm sure you'll make a ton of friends easily.