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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday was better then sunday!!!

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening :) All depending on what zone/area you are? :) In all honesty, i dont even know where half of you all are from? haha... i mean, in my stats i see people from germany, hungary, indeien, sweden, ireland, USA, Uk etc etc.... all over the place! Its strange.. but cool! :)

Today was actually really good. Alot better then the weekend!!!
  I woke up, feeling.. tired. Of course. But still, ready to take on hte day and whatever annoying school stuff that had to be dealt with!!! haha
  Really, thats the way to wake up!! Ready to start the day!!
First thing this morning was my maths diagnostic test, to see what level at maths im at. Which went well. One question, which i couldnt, but otherwise it went well. So im hoping that i can do the faster level of maths!! :)
  I was actually one of the first people to leave :)

Today i realised that my time table had changed, which really.... i wasnt so happy about. Long days now... :/
  But not so much i can do about it, just accept it. Im actually proud of myself, over how well i just acceppted the fact that now my days are longer and my timetable has usually bad at acceppting those types of things, and most of the time... i try to change it to suit me better!! haha
   I did realise though that i had a3 hour break... WTF right?! But i called D, who as ive mentioned before lives 5 minutes from my school. I decided i needed to spend some time with her... and really, i didnt just want to sit 3 hours at school with nothing to do!!
It was great to see her, we just sat and chatted!! I love it, how we can just chat about anything... and everything. Theres no awkward silences, or any time where there is nothign to say!!
  And the time just flew by!!!

Before i knew it, i was back to school and starting my next lesson which was english!! That went well, we had an assignment to write and i was finished early so got to leave early!! heh... i hope my assigment was good!! Shes gonna give us a grade and tell us how we need to improve... i just hope she can see that i am good at writing and want a future in writing adn expressing myself... (Hahah.. you really wouldnt think it here on the blog as i use such basic words.But i do believe i am good at writing. Even though it might not seem like it!! haha XD)
   I made good with my extra time and had to talk to some teachers to sort a few things out... i actually felt really good . To sort things out and get things done!! Like not scared to walk around the school alone, or any of that!! :)
And then it was my last class which was maths... and i am now known as the Maths geek... ehhh. Im going the social science line which is more focused on ie. history, geography,civics, religion, languages. So not everyone is as good at maths or science... (I really should have gone the natural sciences line...)
   Everyone was so surprised that i actually could maths. I was the only one answering questions, and the only one who understood!! I felt so proud of myself!! :) Everyone was like...i want to sit beside you in maths!! hehe...
   Fine, i might be a maths geek... but atleast im a popular maths geek!! haha... Gosh, laughing at my own jokes??!! I think ive hit a new level of tired! No, actually... im not tired at all. Its crazy!! Im so full of energy!!! :)

Today has been good... i really dont want to jinx anything though!! It feels like, whenever i say things are good *BAM!* things go wrong and i hate school and all that...
I was talking with everyone a bit more aswell which was good!! :)

But now im actually gonna take a break and go get something to eat and try to get some work done :)
**Everyone who has emailed and commented, i will reply as soon as i can :) Hopefully if i get a chance this evening, otherwise wait just a little longer :)

^^Dont know why half the picture is missing?? -_-

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