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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday is coming to an end

Im going to start off by saying, Thank you to everyone who has commented the last few days. :) It means so much to me that you take your time to write a message :) Thank you
  *Im gonna give you all a cyber hug!!* XD

Ok... about my day? Who's interested!!

Ok.... well my morning started with a grouchy Izzy who didnt want to get up from my bed... eehh.. hate early mornings!!
  haha. I ate breakfast, got ready and then left... with butterflies in my stomach.
  I met D quickly before school, and she walked with me there and then she gave me a hug and wished me good luck. And i went into the school, the first thing i got told was by the priniciple... to take out my earphones.. ehh -_-
   Ï then i just stood around, making small glances around at the other people, seeing who looked 'nice' haha :)
   We were then all herded into an aulan, where all of us (roughly 100+ people) sat there.
  Gosh, i had no concentration at all... i was worried id fall asleep. I sat there, trying to keep my eyes open..

Of course, in the middle of a speech, my belly starts to growl... it was wouldnt stop!! ehhh... not so fun!!! But sure.. what am i supposed to do?
  And then afterwhat seemed like forever, we got into our groups (as everyone has different study classes, i.e if you're going social scienes, or natural sciences or economi etc etc!)
   The morning passed by with loads of information and sneeky glances at the other people in my class... everyone sat quiet, i tried talking... saying 'hi' but no one was super hyper or talking.
  So i mainly stayed quiet, feeling awkward... it felt so weird to not talk!! Im so used to talking... always lauging and having things to say.. and now my mouth was sealed..? i didnt liek it.
Then it was lunch, which was chicken and rice... (if anyone was interested!!), everyone was scrambling around, trying to find someone to sit with. I sat with 5 other girls, and we awkwardly made conversation, all of us wanting to make some type of bond, but all feeling awkward... so kinda weird. But its only our first day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing different games with loads of the other students (Other groups aswell.) so that was fun, all making fools of ourselves.
  What annoys me though is how insecure everyone is, either trying to be tough or hiding away in the corner... i was just ebing myself. Smiling and saying hi, i wasnt awakward around hte guys, and i didnt have any predjudices.
   But in time we'll ease up and get to know each other, now its just to stand out with the awkwardness for a little while.

Of course, i have a slight bit of dread going back tomorrow.. its like, i wish i had friends there. I wish i had made a good bond with someone...? i dont know.
  In time i will... but still. Its not nice to sit alone, or just like wander aimlessly in the corridors because you have no one to hjang out with...?
  Its hard, i dont like starting new schoool.

But otherwise... My opinion on the school?
  It seems good, but very demanding... they require a lot of work and dedication... gosh, io sat there thinking to myself, im not ready for school. I want summer, i cant study. I cant work... my brain isnt functioning... :/
  hahah.. i hope my brain starts to co-operate soon!! Otherwise i dont know what ill do.

The school is very strict aswell, which... ahem ahem, i might have a problem with!! haha...
  i cant believe im gonna go there for 3 years now... it seems like forever.
Haha, but i think i'll enjoy myself, it seems like a good school that will give me the education i need so that i progress and learn more!! :)

Yup yup :) That was my school day!!  There will be many more school posts!! :)

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  1. It could have gone worse :D And it sounds like everyone was just as/ more nervous and awkward than you. I hope it turns out to be a wonderful school year and that you make good friends.