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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

its 20.45 and only now do i have time to sit and relax

My day hasnt been hectic or stressful, but still... it feels like the evenings just rush by, while the day slowly drags by and you wait for time to go by...

Today has been a good day!!! My school day begin at 11.50pm...Luxery or what? :) My first class was civics, i find that interesting. Not that im that good at it, but still. I love answering questions and having things to say!!
   My civics teacher is really nice aswell, so it should be a good class i hope!

 And then we had leadership, in which we played this game. I realised that the teacher was watching us, to see how we interacted with each other and whether we took part in leading and communicating or just stood by. So i offered my opinion and advice on things and helped out!! So hopefully good points in that class?! Haha.. im doing all i can!
   But im quite good at leadership.I can take charge and make people listen... so it shoudl be good!
  And then that was my school day over... Nice right?! On wednesday its just two classes!!

I then met D and bought copies and a calender and pens and that for school, so i should be sorted!!!
  And then we went for a coffee and shared a cheesecake!

As i ended early today, i decided  to head to the gym, where i spent a while :)
By the time i came home, i was starving and tired. But mum said that dinner would be ready in 5 minutes, so i decidd to wait, instead of stuffing myself with sandwiches and then not eating dinner.
  My mum is good with time estimation... that 5 minutes turned into, 1 hour 5 minutes...
  By the time we sat down for dinner... i felt so ill i didnt even feel hungry anymore. I sat there feeling angry and ill.... usch. I hate feeling like that.
While eating i got my apetite back, so i did eat a good portion!! Haha

And now... im sitting with a bowl of cashew nuts and yoghurt covered nuts and now i have some writing to do, and some school work. And im gonna try to watch the latest Pretty Little Liars episode!!! :)

That was my day :) And im sorry i havent been writing so much recently... time just flies by!! :)

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  1. To everyone reading!! I meant 11.50AM!!! Haha.... just,haven't had a chance to change it!!