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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun & games

Today has been a day full of fun & games!!!
  The morning started with my swedish test.... or it was more of a writing assignment to see which level of swedish you're at. So that went well, i wasnt nervous either as it doesnt have anything to do with our grades!
  After that we had a 2 hours break, before lunch... all of us were moaning about that! I mean, great that we had 2 hours... but we had nothing to do. Not even internet, instead.... all of us who are going the social sciences line ended up sitting on the ground outside our lockers, all stating 5 facts about ourselves, so we got to know each other better!! Ive realised, my whole class is so cool!! Like 50%.. or more even, are from different countries!!! Like... japan, serbia, turkey, greece, norway, poland... etc etc!! I love it. Its so cool! And then of course, everyone can english, and most of them can swedish!!
  It gets confusing though, cus you dont know if you should speak english or swedish?
  After a while, me and 3 other girls went away and walked around a bit outside, to let the time pass by.
  Its nice when you get to know others better... of course, at the back of my mind.. im like, are these gonna be real friends, or just school friends? ... im so doubting... :/
  The 3 other girls were really nice, and they were really interested in what  had to say, which i like.... i hate when people are so ego-istic, that they just talk about themselves and dont care what others have to say. So that was cool! :)

My school is divided into houses... like Hogwarts! So after lunch, my house, (all the years!) played different games to get to know each other.
   I actually really like my school, everyone is so chill and easy to talk to. They were so welcmonig, and cool... (can i keep saying that?!) so all the games were really fun. Of course, by the end, i started getting tired so i was just waiting for the day to end!!!
Tomorrow my time schedule begins, so i have to take another look at that... try to learn it!! :)
I also looked at all the different clubs that the school has... it has LOADS. let me emphasize loads. It has like all the different clubs!!
  Im thinking, running, basketball and creative writing, and then if i can  i might join the school newspaper and school union for extra points!! How will i manage? even im worried. But i'll just take it as it comes!!!

My anxiety about school has gone down now, im feeling better about the school and the people in it. Of course, actually having to study isnt my favourite thing... but you cant just have fun & games in school?! :)

^^A summerphoto of me & my sister because the sun is officailly gone... and i want summer again!!


  1. Well, I'm a biteen jealous! Haha! XD Sounds great & I'm glad everythings going well & you're over your worries.
    I wish we had a creative writing club here :O
    Oh! I think you should at least choose between running or basketball, because I think, in my opinion, that if you're going to do creative writing, the school newspaper, the school union AND both of those, things may get a bit busy, if you get me. But that's just my idea on it! You've always been better at time management & stuff like that than me! :P

    Anyway, keep an eye out for the hot American lads for me :P Haha!
    So happy everything is going well for you! ^_^ <3

    1. hahah... the hot american lads...?? is that all you care about?!! LOL.... what about some english lads..? the accent?! XD
      Yeah, it does sound like alot.. i just have to wait and see, my time table is very chill though... like i finish around 2/3 everyday... and on wednesday i begin at 12..? its weird, i expected it to be like 8-4 everyday-... of course, im not complaining!!! :) hah
      I dont knwo how many clubs you can do though.. so i have to see :)


    2. Well... The English accent is very cute too, but you know my obsession for Americans XD LOL
      That is a great timetable!!! Why can't things be like that here? -_-" seriously?!
      I'd say you'd be able to do most of those clubs then, with that timetable.

      Bloody lucky! Wanna swap for a week or two? Haha! XD if I get to go over again during your school time, I'm so going in for a day! XD LOL


  2. Are you in the gymnasium or in college? What do you study?

    1. Im in gymnasium - Internationel English Gymnasium :)
      and im doing social sciences. I wanted to change though to natural sciences, as im better at maths and science, and i suck at like geography, and history and all that... so social sciences will be harder for me! hah :)

  3. I am so jealous!!! It sounds amazing! I'm glad to hear that you are making good friends, or at least talking to some other people, that's good! As for the clubs, they sound like a lot of fun!!! I hope you get to join a few... or more!
    We used to have a creative writing club at our school, but it kinda ended, and the teacher stopped sponsoring us... Which was a bummer. But I think that being able to speak both Swedish and English is really cool! Of course that may just be normal where you're at, but here, it would be totally cool!!! Can you speak it fluently? If so, you should write a post in Swedish, just for a day!

    1. haha... its a really good idea with the swedish post!! I do have a few swedish readers aswell!! Of course, i cant say im the best with the swedish writing... but i guesss all of you english readers wont know will you? :)

  4. Wow, your school sounds great! No wait, it's awesome!
    Kids from different countries, dividing in houses,so many after school activities...i wish our school had running, from sports we only have basketball, floor ball (?) and volleyball.

    1. Yeah, i might start advertising it on here soon!! haha... :) did you do any of the after school sports? :)