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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dance the stress away!

Good evening everyone :)
  As i mentioned earlier, i said that i was going to go dancing today!! After school, i wasnt so sure if i had the energy or not. I felt mentally tired, and just wanted to go home  and sit with a cup of coffee!
  But i decided, that it would be good to go dancing and i mean, exercise gives you happy endorphins. And i needed some of that, really i just felt like heading to the gym to run for a while, but i decided to do another training type i.e dancing!!!

The first class was commercial jazz, which was good. I really enjoyed that, and the teacher was really good. She made it easy to follow her and enjoyable!
 And then after a 15 minute break i did Zumba Jazz, which isnt my thing .It wasnt enjoyable... i cant seem to shake. Im too stiff....I thought i was stretchy? but not really, im more of a stiff runner... definitely not a dancer.. -_-
 But i tried it!!

I used to love dancing, all types!!! But now i love running, and dancing isnt really a favourite anymore, i dont have the right co-ordination for it.. which is kinda sad. Because i do enjoy dancing... but i just do my own thing!! heh

All of my stress actually went away. I felt kinda stressed, thinking, OMG i have so much to do!
  But you know what, i dont really. I came home, and now ive finished wnat i had to do. Ive ticked off on my list. And im not sitting with a cup of coffee and a bowl of chocolate (perrrrffect thing!!nom :):)) ) and just taking it easy, realising that i didnt need to stress today.
  I still have time to relax and get the thigns done!!
So thats all good :)

How has everyones day been ? :)

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  1. My day was pretty good. I found my classes with ease, said hey to some of my friends, and tried to smile and be happy. I mean i'm so not used to trying to make new friends, or being social. I hate lunchtime because I have nowhere to go, and when I sit by myself with my music, people look at me weird and ask me if i'm okay. So i'm trying to break out of that is year. Any advice?
    Also, I got to know some of my teachers, and i'm really excited to take some of my classes seeing as they are exactly what interests me. Forensic Science, Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry. But I don't know how to make friends with the kids I don't know... I want this year to be so much fun!
    I hope that tomorrow can be just as good if not better for yoy Izzy! It sounds like you didn't have too rough of a day! And remember, it was only the first day of school! It can only get batter! (: Keep your head up!