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Sunday, July 29, 2012

You're as sweet as sugar!!

I just thought id bring up this topic as ive read a few girls blogs who have written about it aswell.
   Sugar when you're sick, its one of the things you're most scared of. You cut out anything that has sugar.
  But then in recovery, you have to face that fear and become friends with sugar again... some get to friendly!! (haha)
   When your in recovery you have to start eating sweet foods again, you have to train to eat chocolate, sweets, buns, ice cream, cake etc etc.
  I even once got told by my case manager that i had to eat something sweet 4/5 times a week... i was like, what? thats not exaclty healthy, normal people dont eat sweet things everyday. Its not good for your health.

You learn to like sweet things again. But just becuse you've been anorexic, doesnt mean that you wont get addicted.
   And because you 'might' get addicted to sweet things, you might end up getting loads of anxiety and it can lead to either binging or purging.. or both.
I went through a period where i was eating loads of sweet things all the time. Not because i was forced to, but because i wanted to. And it lead to that if i didnt eat something sweet id crave it and it could lead to a binge. I was baking loads at the time, so that id always have something sweet to eat... but i mean, thats not healthy.
  Just because i might burn loads of energy each day, and that i need high fat food... i dont need to eat chcolate just because i need to eat high calorie food.
  I mean, chocolate does have alot of sugar, and really loads of sugar isnt good for anyone. It can lead to diabetes and that...
I mean, eating soemthing sweet 2-3 times a week, thats normal. Maybe a cookie when your drinking coffee one day, and then another day its warm so you buy an ice cream and then a few days later you eat popcorn at the cinema... thats fine and its normal.
I feel that sometimes the treatment plan for ED recovery can be a bit damaging aswell...
  I mean, when your recoverying from an ED, you're learnt to be still. To do minimal activity... but what happens when you're out in the real world...? when you have to walk to the bus station. Or take the steps, or when you have to do P.E but the past year you've just spent sitting. I mean, you do become lazier... im not trying to scare anyone.
I mean, i feel that im scarred from Mando treatment... it feels weird if i go for a walk after lunch.. i always think, i should be resting. its weird to eat dinner at 8pm because i used to eat dinner at 6pm at Mando.
   But then i realise... i dont follow Mandos rules anymore, i make my own choices. I live life the way i want...

But back onto my main topic.... its good to be able to eat sugar and sweet thigns, but its not good to let it become an addiction.

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