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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who reads my blog?

You know what... Im curious about who reads my blog??!!!
I mean, you all know pretty much everything about me... but i dont know anything about who reads my blog... im not asking for small deatils.
  But i mean, i can see on my Stats that i have Alot of readers  daily, from all over the world... but nobody comments.. or rarely. And i mean, Fine, thats alright. You dont have to comment.

But im jsut curious about who reads my blog, because i also get many mails from people who come across my blog, and dont be worried or scared to mail me. I'll answer as soon as i can, and my mail is there if anyone ever wants to mail me. Whether you want support, or to just tell your story or if theres anything you want to ask?!

But i would love if you could just comment and maybe say, How you found my blog? if you're sick yourself... or even add what you think of my blog? or mention age wise... if you want.

Its up to you, you dont have to comment if you dont want to... but it'd be nice to know... roughly

as i mean... you all know everything about me?! :)


  1. Hiya, I have wrote to you before Linda I was in Mando HDV samt time as you 2009-2010. I have other treatment now in MHE,Mora much much better than Mando I think. I think you are so amazing, beautyful,pretty,honest about everything you write.I can feel as you write sometime to. If we lived near I would love to meet you, as I think you are a very nice girl and that doing so well and really want to be normal.To read aboout your recovery is helping me on my long road to. Take care,Linda x

  2. im from the us, 23 and suffering from anorexia!i forget how i found your blog but i like it!

  3. hi, i have written to you before,too... im Orsi from slovakia, i was sick 8 years ago, i cant remember exactly how i found your blog but I find it interesting, nice and friendly,.. i mean your personality is adorable, keep on.
    and sometimes i find my own thoughts in your posts - thats why i like them :P

  4. I´m 20 and i´ve an ed. I think i found your blog through the other one and i´ve been reading it maybe half a year now.
    The main reason i keep going back to your blog is that you are always so honest and i like your writing style..
    Keep this blog going:)

  5. I'm 19 from the uk with anorexia, your blog gives me hope that things can be better, thank you so much

  6. I don't remember how I found your blog, I can't say (or realize?) that i'm sick but reading your blog helps me every day. Sorry for my english, actually I'm french (and I'm 21) :)
    Thank you for each article you post.

  7. hi! I'm Zsófi a 17 years old girl from Hungary. I had anorexia two years ago but sometimes I am still fighting with it. I think i was searching on google and after all i have found your blog throught an other. Reading your blog is giving me a chance..I can see how beautifel person you become after you start eating, you give me positive thoughts - thank you for that! I also like your way of thinking and anyway i love personal blogs- just read about someone elses day. Never stop blogging! :):)

  8. hey.... i cant really remember how i found your blog? ive had anorexia for a year. everything youve written in your old posts is exactly like me, al lthe thoughts. and i love seeing and knowing that youäve gotten through it, all the tough times and now you can live your life! you can eat and do what ever you want. and that gives me insperation knowing that youve gone through so much and recovered.
    im 17 from the uk. i love your blog. and like everyone says, you write honestly and i love that. that you bring up topics, things that others dont mention!
    you are strong and beautiful and help so many people.

  9. Heeey, It's Jess, and I really love your blog, I started reading it when I was really sick and kind of ignored all the positive things you said, never thinking I'd be able to relate them, I just loved your honesty and seeing you going through the same things as me. Now I'm out of hospital I'm actually trying to maintain and your positivity really inspires me. I think you must help a lot of people out there even if they don't comment :) xxxxxxxxx

  10. I love your blog :-) I also suffer with the same illness, and I love the honesty in your posts. xxx

  11. Hey:)

    I'm almost 19 (in August) from Austria and I'm sick myself....I'm a university student. I started reading your blog when I was just starting to recover...I think I stumbled across it when I was looking for online info/support how to deal with anorexia or to see how others deal with it...? I'm honestly not sure xD Anyway...I enjoy reading your blog because it is motivating - not only when you have good days but also the bad ones, you like share your thoughts in such an honest and straight-forward manner and almost always I can 100% relate to what you're feeling!!
    I don't know...when I started reading your blog I found we had so many similarities - even figure/shapewise (although you're much taller than me) and also so many parallels in worries/anxieties and thoughts...when I started reading your blog you were on a really good way towards recovery but you were still struggling with so many things, as was I!
    You've come so far however, you've been progressing so well and I must say you're so much braver than me when it comes to food... like you bake and you can indulge in sweets and a little junk food as well as in healthy food wheras I still have such a long list of fear foods and am so anxious when it comes to eating...I don't really calorie count anymore but I think about it a lot and I like to weigh some of my foods....
    Also things with me are not going sooo well at the weight has dropped over the last few weeks and soon I'll be classified as underweight again if this continues (the weight that I have now is my border, everything under is underweight)...I'm not like restricting or anything...or not consciously eating a very little amount...on the contrary, I find I eat much (even tink that it's too muchalthough I know it's too little) it's just that it's not enough for maintaining and I'm waaay to strict with myself and anxious about the foods...I have no real idea how to maintain my weight...or don't dare to, whatever...:S
    Anyway...your blog motivates as I see you progressing and challenging ed and I often see you as a sort of soul mate (I know this sounds funny and maybe a little creepy:D) of course I don't know you as I never met you but you often speak my mind when you write about things....and mostly I see you as a role model as well because you set such a great example for everyone who is recovering from anorexia...Reading your blog makes me wanna carry on and cope as well if you know what I mean:) this was kind of a long comment....maybe I should've written an email xD....but you wanted to know to know some more about your readers....there you go;D


  12. I'm a teenager from the uk. I've never realy spoke to anyone about my ed but reading your blog gives me hope that there is life after it :)

  13. hej. har läst din blogg för ett halv år nu och den är så inspierarande. jag skulle verkligen vilja träffa dig, men jag bör i göteborg... Men kanske om jag är i stockholm någon gång kan vi träffas? ha ha.
    jag är 19 och hittade din blogg via någon annans :)

  14. I'm eighteen and I'm from New Zealand :D I can't actually remember how I found your blog, probably from someone else's but I'm happy I did! I love how you're so honest in your posts and how you don't really 'sugar coat' anything :D I'm sure your blog is inspiring a lot of people, even if they don't comment :D

  15. 18 år från Stockholm. Var inlagd på HDV samtidigt som dig april 2011.
    Gillar att läsa din blogg, se hur det går för dig. Fortsätt kämpa.
    / Angelica

  16. It's so strange to read all the comments. People from all over the world,read your blog? I'm a 25 year old girl from the USA. Ive read your blog for so long now I can't even remember how I found it.
    You have gone through so much. I remember reading your posts back from 2011 and since then you are a whole new person! You give me so much hope that someday I can also be as strong as you.
    I love when you post pictures of yourself and what you eat... maybe its just a sick thing. But I love knowing that you can eat junk food or just eat normal food. And not be fat. You are still thin whether you believe it or not... you have the perfect body. And I hop that i can look that good when and if I'm ever a healthy weight.:/
    Keep blogging!

  17. I'm an 18 year old girl from the United States :) I'm recovering from anorexia too. I know how hard it is and I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Your blog is great!

  18. I'm a 16 year old from Australia. I have had self harming issues for 4 years and depression for 2 years. I have been in recovery from anorexia for the past 4-5 months after being discharged from hospital. I wouldn't say my ED was a major problem compared to so many others I have only had it for 1.5 years, I was only in hospital 3 times (one of those being an attempted over dose) and it was really just there for dealing with other problems.. I found your blog while in hospital because there is really nothing better to do in hospital than go on the internet. Thank you so much for writing this blog. You have helped me through recovery by giving me a love for food, I started running and given me a smile everyday even though I am struggling with weight maintenance, having to stay back at school 2 years and other stuff which I won't mention. You are so strong and deserve the very best in life! xx

  19. I'm a 16 year old girl from Australia who was hospitalised for anorexia four years ago and recovered physically but not mentally and now I'm experiencing a major relapse. I come onto your site everyday and pray that oe day I can enjoy food again without reducing it to a number. My anorexia is psychological- I am underweight but not severely but am obsessed with not going above the "2000 calories per day" thing. I'm currently seeing a GP, shrink, and dietician but nothing fills me with hope and incentive to just eat that damned chocolate bar as your blog, so thank you :)

  20. have u seen tara mc nit from undressed skeleton,jeez she's such a loser. She ffeels being fat is a curse and now that she is thin she wants to make everyone obsessed with this concept. What a loser. She steals recipes and posts and magazine stuff to make it look polished(she stole my work , cause I know her:() You are so natural and encouraging. When you feel crap you don't plater smile. Love ya keep up the good work sweets.