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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A good day is coming to an end!!

Good evening :)
  A good day is coming to an end... :)

Today i  met up with D, and we browsed shops for a little while before we headed to Stadion (the football stadium) to watch the football match.

  It felt so weird, we're not that into football.. .and  not someone you'd usually see at football matches... we were so uncertain of where to go.. what to do.. but it went well.
  We found our places... but we decided to move up to the top where we sat against a wall, with the sun shining on us.
   When the match finally started we were both lost.. not so sure which team we were actually rooting for...
 We mainly jsut sat and talked...

  At half time we were both cold, tired, hungry and bored... so we left... (haha)

We were both hungry and craving something sweet so we went into Lidl, where we settled on chocolate muffins and bacon crisps... :)
   For some reason, it felt nice.. but at the same time weird to be eating junk food with D (we know each other from Mando) it almost felt unnatural.. but at the same time it was good that we could.. that we've both come so far...
  of course i think that D did get some anxiety... but i dont know.. she coped anyway!
The muffins and crisps didnt taste anything though (stupid Lidl food...) i was kind of dissappointed.. but it was just to eat anyway.

  And we sat talking for a long while... What i love about D is that we can just sit and talk for ages... or we can just sit in silence, both on the internet... and it doesnt feel weird....
  And its good cus after an hour or so we both feel we need to stretch... others dont get that when sometimes i get up and just do some stretching or go for a 5 minute walk after sitting for like 2 hours... (i mean, i feel stiff in my body?!.. but anyway)
  We photoed the sunset, before i decided it was time to go home... feeling tired.

For some reason the time has just flown by today..?
Anyway.. that was my day!! A really good day!
  Tomorrow im going to the gym and going to meet my personal trainer!! - ahhh.. that should be fun!! haha LOL. Im dreading it!!!! ^_^

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  1. beautiful view and sunset :) friends that you can just sit with without talking but it doesn't feeling weird...that's pure awesomeness.
    cute hats ;) xo