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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

At the gym!!

My first ever gym card was bought today!!! :) Yes... i am actually very happy!! :)
I never thought it was possible.. or that id be allowed!

The gym, the pool and group training!! Oh yess!!
  Of course, i now have to prove that i can eat enough to not lose wieght, and to not get obsessed with the gym and exercise!!!  

When i first went to the gym, i was so unsure of what to do... i first stepped onto the treadmill.. adn trust me.. that was mst probably a funny sight!!! I did almost fall off at first... no idea what to do... what buttons to press.
  But i figured it out! 
In total, i ran 8,5km in roughly 50 minutes... 25 & 25!
  It felt good... while i was running i didnt feel tired, but once i stepped off the treadmill after 25 minutes i almost collapsed.. my legs could barely keep me up.
  But after a 5 minute break i got back up on the treadmill!!

I really jsut want to tone up, and gain muscle but im not going to meet my like personal trainer until Friday.. so until then i guess im jsut gonna use the machines i know how... if i can even get them to work!!haha 

And the rest of the evening will be spent studying!!! :)
  So far a good day!! :) 


  1. I am happy for you!
    I am not much of a treadmill or machine person, i don't know how most of them work either, i prefer group training or running outside ;)
    And wow girlie, 8,5km? That's like... ...i run that much in a week maybe?

  2. 8.5km is a LONG distance. as long as you enjoy it and keep it fun and it's not for weight loss =) power girl! the very few times I ever went to a gym I probably looked like that too, not knowing where to step and how to touch those crazy machines without being killed...

    (btw I changed my blog's url. it's now I liked that name better)

    good luck answering all of those questions you got! I look forward to reading your answers :) I'm curious ;)