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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hardcore workout

Good evening everyone :)

I had no plans today, but yesterday one of my friends from school mentioned that her mum was a boxing teacher and that there was a class today.
  As i didnt have anything else to do today, i decided to go there... i've wanted to try boxing/or kick boxing i want to try!!

I thought it was just gonna be an hour or so... what do you know... 3 hours!!! And the funny thing is.. im not tired, i can feel the ache in my arms.. but im not tired. All i wanted to do was run.. i wanted to run home! I had so much energy!
  I think im planning to continue going.. this was just a trial. But im definitely gonna run there, or run back!! - Full work out!! 

It was the 4 of us girls there, and 2 guys.
  It wasnt so much boxing today, it was circuit training.and running games.
  Basically ive done sit ups, push ups, pull ups, skipping, lunges, squats etc etc.... Hard core! But it feels good, i am generally a very active girl and i used to do all that while i was sick.... so it was just to get back into that!
  And im going for muscles now!

I can say that i officially deserve tthe raspberry brownies - which turned out more to be chocolate cake/chocolate mousse!!! - haha :)

My friends mum - the instructor - was talking a bit about her history, and she said that she had had anorexia when she was younger.. i thought about mentioning that i had/have (???) anorexia.. but i held my tongue. Mainly the fact that my friends were there, and i dont really want them to know.. i dont think its necessary.. its my past. Not now....
   But i could of course relate to everything the instructor was saying about when she had ahad anorexia...

It was so good!!! I have so much energy... im really thinking about going out running... but i think thats pushing it.
  Tomorrow... tomorrow ill go running.. maybe??!! ::)

I was going to go into town tonight with my mum, as its culture night... but the fact that its 8pm, and i havent even had dinner (!!!)... so i think i'll skip it. Have an evening at home, with my dog.. just chilling.. watching a film!! haha :)

Hope everyones had a good day!!

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