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Friday, December 30, 2011

What do you see that i dont?

Ive been told that i look smaller. Both from readers, and from my mum.

My point of view? WHAT? i dont look smaller... usch. I feel just the same. i havent lost weight, but i havent gained weight either. ???

Please tell me what you see.. that i dont?

^^Day before i left for england. And then the day i left. So just about a week.
In all honesty.. I look pretty depressed in both pictures? But not small.. or 'too thin' as some people say? ^^


  1. Du är jätte smal vännen! :/
    Sv: Sådär. Den började inte så bra men den slutade helt okej.
    Ja, det var sista dagen i lägenhetsbehandlingen idag! :) Kraam

  2. you do look a little thinner hun, but now your back to your normal rutine im sure it will be fine, its probably just all the stress or maybe your body is starting to change and re distribute, but i guess as long as you havent lost weight and are still fighting strong then thats all that matters! :)

  3. In the photos where your in leggings you legs are way too thin. And the pictures of you when your showing your outfit on xmas eve and on xmas you look way too thin.??? But when your in the jeans you look the same . but your arms look thinner.
    But like the comment above maybe it was just stress and you haven't lost weight? and you said yourself that you had alot of anxiety.