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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - in photos and words (Part 2)

Part 2

July - 
I slowly got to come home more, but i didnt get to sleep at home. Just spend more part of the day at home. But as i was at the hotel it was alright. As it was summer, and the sun was shining me and mum went for walks in the sun and spent the days on the beach swimming and sun bathing.

  The staff kept telling me that i had too high activity, but for me i thought... aslong as i dont lost weight. I think its fine that i go swimming and go for walks. And i was fine drinking the energy drinks, so i didnt lose weight even though i did more activity. And i ate my meals fine and i was trying new foods, and when i went home i let mum do the dinner, and i ate my meals with mum. And things became easier. Mum trusted me. Of course she was still  there to support me, but that was fine. I wasnt cheating so i didnt have a problem if she sat with me.  
  After 11 weeks as an inpatient. I finally got to do my 24 hours at home.
And it went well. 
   On the 20th i got to go to Gronalund, a big theme park with my sister.
  Then on the 26th, i got t go out to our aunts cottage in the country with my mum  where i was gonna spend 4 whole days there. :)

We ate good food, we swam, went blueberry picking, sun bathing, went for walks and had a good time.
And things went well so when i got back on the 29th, a Friday, i also got to spend the weekend at home. :)

And that was the end of July. 

August - 

After 15 weeks in in patients (almost 4 months) I got to be a day patient... and i got the case manager i wanted. :) I spent one week going to the day patient ward, from 10am till 3pm (but i got to go from 10am till 1pm cus things went well at home) And then i started my new school.
  That was pretty much it, apart from i did go and do this talk/presentation thing for the health minister who came to Mando.

September - 

  Not so much happened in this month, i went to school, and did the school jog (jogged 2km) Things went well at home, and i went to Mando once a week to talk.

October - 

It was pretty much just school...  but my best friend from Ireland came over for a week which was really good!!!. Most probably the best thing from October!
  I had alot of ups and downs. Like one second i liked my body and didnt have a problem, the next second i hated myself...
   I went african dancing with my sister and i started doing more running and walking. And more exercise... but at the same time trying to keep my weight.
  And i also got my period back.

I also did this 6 week assessment at Mando, to check how my mental state was, and the results were very good!!! :)

Otherwise there wasnt much in that month.. or there was.. i suppose. But no point writing out everything!!

November  - 

I had my halloween break for the first week and a half... which was good.
   And there were different parties, and school and different things i did... :) And at the end of the month it was my birthdy!! :)
  But of course at Mando, things started going a bit up and down. My weight would go down, then go up or stay still... and things like that... and it kinda felt like i just didnt care about my weight. I didnt want to gain weight. I didnt want them to keep shouting at me. Gaining weight isnt my priority...

December - 
December was good. The run up to christmas and alot of stress with school. So that left me feeling trired and under pressure, and my weight started to drop, as i stopped with the energy drinks because i started getting more anxiety over my body, mainly from the stress.
   But then imy weight went up, and then down again....

And thats been my year... :)
  Toook myself from the worst stage of anorexia, to almost healthy... in a year... :) and spent half of the year inside Mando's walls...
  No more.

2012 is the year of no more hospital visits!! :)

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