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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When no clothes fit... then its ok to PANIC.

Now that the weathers getting colder and realising.... No jeans fit.... i think then i have a reason to cry and panic... 
and wonder...


i MEAN... ive been told that if thigns keeping going well... then i might get 'frisk skriven'.. like signed out, or get told im healthy fmor Mando... like my previous case manager actually said that i was pretty much healthy now, even my new case manager agreed on that... :) 

But i admit... i hate how much my bodies changed.
   i mean, i like that im happier, more energy, enjoying food, enjoying life... i even have some curves... (I NEVER in my life thought id like that.. but i do.. i feel like a girl now.. not some 7 year old boy...)

Mum had to try to calm me down.. and basically ive got about 2-3 bags full of clothes which is to be thrown out... i jsut have to accept... im no longer a 32-34.

I mean... jeans which i had to wear a belt for... dont even fit now.... AHHHHH..  im not going to get into it..

but i recommend.... if youre in an eating clinic.. get rid of your too tiny clothes... Dont wait like me... its jsut made things harder.. it would ahev eben easier if i had gotten rid of these clothes before so that i didnt haev to deal with it now and wonder what im doing... and realise how much ive gone up in weight... i mean... its good weight... im jsut healthy now.. im not fat.. but my mind is still telling me... IM FAT.

I had to go to town anyway and i bought a pair of jeans..... and in time im gonna start buying a whole new wardrobe... :/

Later when i got back from town me and mum drove otu to a nature reserve where we went for a walk with the dog nad then went swimming in the water there... which was really nice!!

I actually really want to start dancing soon.. I dont know when ill be allowed.. but as soon as possible!! :) heh

Thats it for now... tomorrow its mando... - BLAH. but sure... hopefully iw ont be there for long now!!!


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  1. Sv: Skönt att någon förstår vad man menar!
    Men du är verkligen inte fet, du är så bra precis som du är och med det menar jag INTE att du är tjock!