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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, school sucks.

You'd think that good things would start happening for me soon. But no. not really.
im kinda starting to think - what's the point?-

school sucked today. not even gonna get into it. mainly that I've been on my own all day. kinda sums it up.

but i spoke to mum yesterday and we've decided to look for a new school for me. because i expect I'll be depressed by winter if i keep going to the school im at now.
at the moment we're gonna see if this Swedish school which is just 5 mins from our apartment. if they have a place.
i dont have high expectations. but im thinking. it can't get any worse, can it?:)
and i mean they'll be people there that i hope i.get along with
we haven't heard anything. so don't know yet. :/

hate waking up. i mean this is my 3rd day.:/ not so sure what to say to my case manager tomorrow. i mean. id prefer to be at Mando. and that's BAD.
but i think I'll go to this school until i know more. until I've got a place else where.

tomorrow its sports day. i think it'll suck.
i don't even know if im allowed. but whatever.
i feel so lazy though. haven't done any sports for about 2 years now. :/ but i love running and sports. i just need to get into the swing of it.
but i feel so stiff. my bodys not used to activity.

and then tomorrow to top off most probably a shit day I'll have to go to Mando. Usch .
i don't know what ill say. actually kinda worried about my weight. so yesterday. today and tomorrow im gonna take an.extra energy drink. Usch.
but its better that than being told that I've lost weight and can't go to school. (i mean i done want to go to the school im at now.. but i want to change school and go to that school. so i dont want ot be told that i cant go.)

Thats about it for now.... kinda dreading tomorrow. :/
   Have no idea what to expect.

Hope you've all had a good day!!


  1. sv: Skönt att din mamma förstår dig. Det kommer nog att lösa sig bra :)
    Bor du fortfarande i Ullriksdal?

    Med mig är det bra. Började skolan i måndags. Älskar min skola, så det känns bra! Kommer bra överrends med de i klassen trots att de är ett år yngre (inget som märks i min ålder) och lärarna är helt underbara! :)

  2. have you stuck to your meal plan? i am just curious b/c you said you are worried about your weight! Or is it just bc you have had more activity w walking your dogs and all that?

  3. Yes, ive stuck to my meal plan. I do admit there has been once or twice where theres been no juice, or like no banana. But i dont see hw much difference that can make. But it wasnt my fault.
    But otherwise, yes ive followed my meal plan.

    Ive had normal activity. I mean, i have gone for walks with my dog... so maybe that will ahve some affect.

    But in general, im usually nervous before i get weighed... either because ive lsot weight, or gone up too much.
    And because of my other illness, it is harder for me to go up in weight? I'll jsut ahve to wait and see... :)